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Hi Everyone! I really wanted to begin a thread about NVCC's Nursing Program due to begin in Fall 2013 (Applications are due May 2013). I am starting my pre-reqs in January, because I have been in... Read More

  1. by   summer03
    hanoi98, you are right that the hospitals prefer BSNs and I and my classmates had to sign agreements that we would get our BSN within 3 years. The nice thing is that Inova helps pay education costs. Also, NOVA does seem to have a very good reputation and there is demand, so we get hired with our ADNs.
  2. by   summer03
    suziechu, I suggest you just ask them if they need more. I am betting you get in. Good luck.
  3. by   NOVA EMT
    I submitted my application to the NVCC traditional nursing degree program on April 5th, 2013. I have a 3.8 GPA in the five science courses (Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, and Microbiology) that I took at NVCC last year. My TEAS scores are 1) Reading: 90.5%, 2) Mathematics: 83.3%, and 3) English and Language Usage: 90.0%. I reviewed the ATI test workbook before taking the TEAS. I am a male (which may work to my advantage), but I am also older than most of the students currently in the program (which may work to my disadvantage). I have other academic degrees but I only had one undergraduate degree transcript sent to NVCC in order to receive credit for the SDV 101, ENG 111, CST and HUM courses. Based upon the information that I received from NVCC, NVCC will accept approximately 150 applicants for the class starting on August 21st, 2013, and the overall acceptance rate will be approximately 50%. NVCC will notify all applicants of their acceptance or rejection by June 21st, 2013.
  4. by   summer03
    NOVA EMT, everything you said sounds right to me. And you sure sound organized, too! That is exactly the type of student that does well in the program and the program wants. Assuming you live in the area covered by NOVA, I am pretty confident you will get accepted and then do very well in the program. Males were a distinct minority in my class, so I am guessing you are right that will help, but I doubt you will need such help to be accepted. Also, I would not worry at all about age. I found there were two major age groups: young 20-somethings and older 40,50-somethings. I was a tweener, haha.

    I think it will work out great for you.
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  5. by   NOVA EMT

    Thanks for your insight. I do live in NVCC's service area, which I know will improve my chances for acceptance. FYI, I am 59 years old, so if I am accepted I will be 60 years old when I begin the program and I will be 61 years old when I graduate from the program.
  6. by   suzieschu
    June 21st sounds like a LONG way to go. I am so anxious!

    Update - I emailed and asked about the manilla folder issue and they said they put me on file and to just send one with a copy of my application. I attached the email to it just in case they weren't sure why I was re-sending. I got my receipt notice last night via email, so I guess now all I have to do is wait!
  7. by   suzieschu
    @summer03 - I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I am so anxious about testing; what are your suggestions for studying for the TEAS? I plan to try to study as I go through the program (assuming I get in) so I feel prepared when the time comes. I also want to work for INOVA hospitals. Also, are you now working toward your BSN? Which program are you attending? I was curious how long it would take. I'm currently cooking baby #2, so I have to be proactive in planning for the future in order to work around my family.
  8. by   summer03
    suziechu, Do you mean NCLEX, which is the licensing exam, as you are all done with TEAS once you take it and pass and then are accepted in the program? If you do mean NCLEX, do not worry about it, as the program does a lot to get you ready. I did take Kaplan after graduating and before I took the NCLEX last summer. Kaplan was good, but I did not really need to have bothered with it. I passes NCLEX the first time with tne minimum number of questions, as did a number of my classmates. I hope to go RN - MSN, as I already have a BS in another area, so I am just taking classes at GMU and will later apply to GMU and/or ODU. Congratulations on the baby. I am still single.
  9. by   suzieschu
    summer03 - I had TEAS on the brain for some reason. Yes, I did mean NCLEX. I have heard that NVCC's program does truly prepare you, so that offers some relief! I am also considering GMU, mostly because it's local, but not tied down to that as I've heard other universities in VA offer online courses and flexibility.

    Thanks for your response! I'm biting my nails over here for another 2 months!
  10. by   summer03
    I think you are a strong candidate and likely to get into NOVA, suzichu. ODU has a lot of its BSN and MSN courses online.
  11. by   Tricia328
    Hi everyone! Wow I have been a bad OP and didn't know anyone has commented. What a relief to read everyone's kind words of encouragement!

    I just sent off my application yesterday, and I hope everything was included! I checked and rechecked it, but it felt so odd to just send it off. Finger's crossed!

    I took the NAS 161/162 route, and earned A's in both classes, as well as the other pre-reqs. On the TEAS, my three scores were 97%, 80% (in math, barely made it even though I studied! oh well, we all have our struggles ), and then a 93%.

    So, now we just wait I suppose! Yikes! So good to hear from all of you.
  12. by   Jessi_o
    HI everyone!

    My name is Jessica. I'm too a NOVA's Nursing applicant for traditional. I submitted my application on May 8th, and MEC counseling just informed me that my application was processed successfully. Yuppie!! I'm both happy and excited at the same time since I was so worried that I might have missed turning in something on my application. Now I feel much better! I can't wait for June to be here!!! I am just so anxious to receive my letter once and for all. Please, please, please. Hope I get in and become the best nurse

    Good luck everyone. I'll keep you posted !
  13. by   LPN-RN2012
    Hi Everyone,

    I want to wish everyone GOOD LUCK....I was in your shoes last year and am happy to say I just finished my first year in NOVA's RN program, it is a great program, if you have any questions just advice right now is relax and enjoy your time because there is a lot to do this summer to get ready for the fall when you get accepted!!! :-)