Should I work my way up or go straight for the BSN??

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to get some feedback on this particular situation. I'm currently looking to start nursing school soon and I am wondering which path should I choose. I'm looking at going into a LPN program and then once I finish bridging into a RN program or I also have the option of just going straight into a BSN program. The way I look at it is with becoming a LPN first, I can gain nursing experience while working towards becoming a RN because I will be working part time as a LPN while in school (I hope I'm making sense). The only thing with this option is that it will take me longer to get my BSN. If I go straight for the BSN it will take me less time to have my Bachelors in Nursing but I will be missing out on gaining working experience while in school. I hope I'm making sense here and I'm looking forward to getting feedback from anyone.
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    Either way will work, your end game should be passing the NCLEX and getting the RN. The question is, which works better for you? As an LPN, you are employable much faster and will have more practical experience earlier on, but as you say, it will take longer. One thing to keep in mind though, BSN programs are generally harder to get into, especially at 4 year universities where the GPA requirement is somewhere in the upper 3.x range. The execption to this may be the for profit schools that are advertising a BSN, the entrance requirement there may be more related to can you pay the tuition than having a super high GPA as your price of admission.