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I'm a recently new graduate nurse with approximately 6 months of experience. I plan on working at my current location, which is level I trauma center with average of 100K+ visits per year, for... Read More

  1. by   Wolf at the Door
    I am making a spreadsheet. Anybody please provide an update on pay and include your exp.
  2. by   gigles713
    Did you ever make that spreadsheet?
  3. by   Wolf at the Door
  4. by   ctiff
    Looking to relocate to Charlottesville from Baltimore. Anyone have any info on UVA salaries? (CVICU RN- 2years experience). Any info is appreciated!
  5. by   PVCCHoo
    If you want the same specialty at UVA, the unit is called the TCV ICU commonly referred to as "the PO" (pronounced like Poe as in Edgar Allan) - used to be called the TCV Post Op. There is also a CCU - Coronary Care Unit, but they operate on a salaried model for some reason.

    Two years experience will put you in the 28-30 an hour range.

    Not sure where you were in Baltimore, but you will find Charlottesville to be surprisingly high in regards to cost of living for being a smaller town.