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I'm a recently new graduate nurse with approximately 6 months of experience. I plan on working at my current location, which is level I trauma center with average of 100K+ visits per year, for... Read More

  1. by   livelikegold
    i am a new lpn moving to the dmv area to attend career training solutions lpn to rn program. i have previous experious and would like to know where i should apply that would appreciate my rn once it is complete.
  2. by   1corprew
    Hi, basically what I want to know, how do I find out what home health agencies pay the most in Virginia?
  3. by   DesertRN2009
    Quote from 1corprew
    Hi, basically what I want to know, how do I find out what home health agencies pay the most in Virginia?
    Call around. I worked for a VA Beach company only got 35/visit no gas no miles varied case load and a bunch of attitude from the office. There are companies that pay more. Just call around and ask about visit rate vs salary
  4. by   HokieNurse21
    The general range I have heard is $22-$25/hr with not much room to negotiate. 60-65k seems very high and have not heard that. *I wish*
  5. by   Ravenmichael00
    thank you for your great post. I am a new graduate RN and looking to move to Blacksburg or Hopewell Virginia but everyone keep telling me that's boring out there and that they do not pay. There is this hospital her in florida that will start me with $24.00 per hour. I am still thinking if it still worth the move!
  6. by   OR_RN_2016
    how is the job hunt going in hampton roads? what is the graduate nursing situation like (i.e. residency programs vs normal orientation)? Thank you
  7. by   PVCCHoo
    For some perspective, I am in the middle of the state in Charlottesville. It is a small town, but not rural by any means and cost of living is higher than you would expect.

    Anyways, UVA just posted jobs for 2016 grads at starting pay of 22.73. I think you get 23.46 with a BSN. $3 shift diff for nights and $6 for weekend nights. If you work nights and factor in the weekends you wil be required to work you can make 50K on a 36 hour week as a new grad. That's not too bad for this town - especially if you are 22 years old with no kids, etc.

    Not sure how yearly raises go, but would imagine they are at around 3%.
  8. by   OutOfStater
    Thanks for the info PVCCHoo! I was wondering if you have any idea what the new grad market is like in Charlottesville?? Particularly interested in UVA.

  9. by   PVCCHoo
    UVA hires tons of new grads. It seems like on my clinicals that nearly 1/3 of the nurses are still Clin 1s even. They do these big hires 3 times a year for May, August and December grads.

    The local (UVA and Piedmont) programs all graduate in May so that is the big one that just opened up applications. I see tons of new grads from all over. They all seem to have BSN's mind you.

    As far as I know UVA does give preference to UVA grads, but many of them return to their home areas or want to get out of the small town of Cville, so there are always spots. They do get close to 1000 applications for a couple hundred spots, so it is competitive but I imagine that is the case anywhere.
  10. by   OutOfStater
    Sounds good to me! I figured it would be competitive but I'm glad to hear it's not as crazy sounding as applying to some other places. Thanks again!
  11. by   AaronWimer

    I am considering applying to UVa. I'm thinking ahead, but if I graduate next December and my goal is to start working ASAP, when would I apply to UVa? Are you saying I would apply around this time next year (a couple months before I graduate?)
  12. by   PVCCHoo
    If you graduate next December, you would be applying even earlier. The application for the winter program opened up on August 31 this year and they are hiring for those spots right now. These students will graduate in December and start in January or February.

    Of course there are less positions on this cycle, but there have to be less applicants too.
  13. by   nurseyblues
    I've lived in Virginia all my life, on the Hampton Roads Peninsula, and I have to say that our wages are not competitive--especially given that our cost of living has far outpaced our annual salary increases. Most of the conversation here seems mostly about Sentara, but nurses from Sentara's major competitor actually leave to go to Sentara because they have better pay and benefits. Hopefully that tells you something about the other available health systems in the Hampton Roads area.

    Now over on the other side of the water, Norfolk/VA Beach/Chesapeake, there are facilities that pay more. Just keep in mind, that the cost of living is also even higher over there. My last 2BR apartment, absolutely nothing fancy, was $1430 a month without utilities and renter's insurance. A large portion of my hospital's staff has left to go agency or take contract work, which is a great option if you have a spouse that can carry your health insurance at their job.

    Like others have said, the only way to really make money here is with shift differentials or prn/pay-partial positions. I've been working nights for my entire career because I rely on the shift diff to get by. You tend to see very few single people on day shift here, because with no other income coming in from a spouse or roommate, you really can't live on day shift base pay.

    I wish I had better news, but I hope this helps.