RN->BSN ODU Teletechnet/Online

  1. Anyone in the program? A graduate? Advice? Are you doing it FT or PT?

    I'll be working FT while I work toward my BSN and I hope to get into their MSN program if all works well.

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  3. by   liveyourlife747
    I'd like to know as well! I am looking into that program for fall 2013
  4. by   EMTtoRNinVA
    I love the program
  5. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    I completed the program completely online. Make sure you focus on APA format. Some instructors are death on APA.
  6. by   DarlinKori
    I'm applying for Fall 2014 through LFCC. I'd love to know if anyone has advice on working and the pace. And what is the maximum for classes per semester with the concurrent program. I'd love to finish a semester early if it's possible.
  7. by   PVCCHoo
    I don't know the answer to your question about taking more credits at once than they have outlined for you.

    I do know the pace they set is something like an extra class each semester in the first year of your ADN program, 2 in the summer in between year 1 and 2. Another class that fall, 2 that spring, and 3 in the summer after you finish your ADN. That is from memory so not sure if it's right, but it's something close.

    Some of them go in sequence, but I would imagine you might be able to take some earlier if they are offered in those terms. Would be a lot of work since these will be very full semesters with the community college classes/clinicals you will already be taking.