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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Sonia and I currently live and work in the NYC area. My husband and I recently decided to relocate to Chesterfield, VA. I looked into the hospitals from the internet standpoint. I would like to know which hospital is best to work VCU or CJW? I currently have 8 years nursing experience. Can anyone give some insight into salary. Thanks.
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  3. by   RN12345656
    I live 2hrs away..I am only familiar with MCV (VCU). It is a big teaching hospital.. If I'm not mistaken, MCV is a Level I Trauma Center.
    For 8 yrs experience the pay is about $25/hr. If you aren't interested in benefits you can opt for float pool for about $40+/hr. Keep in mind the cost of living is alot cheaper here.
  4. by   sroman
    Thank You so much. The information given was extremely helpful. Thanks once again.

  5. by   dettwiller5
    MCV has an impecable reputation. I highly reccomend it!
  6. by   nyykkii
    heartnurseinva and dettwiller5 what unit at MCV do you work. i have a friend who's license is on probation an needs a nurse manager who will give her a second chance to work. She is desperate to work. Any suggestions?
  7. by   awpanda_99
    I too am thinking of relocating to the Richmond area. I am an ER/Trauma RN w/ 4 yrs experience. What's the best, craziest, busiest place to work in the area? And anyone have an idea about starting wages?
    Also... can anyone give me any info about the Richmond Ambulance Authority? My husband is a paramedic with 10+ yrs experience, and he is trying to find out some info/pay rates, etc.
    Thanks for any help you can give!!