Questions about NOVA and Momentum program

  1. I have applied for the Momentum 2+1 nursing program at NOVA. Does anyone have any input on Mometum vs Traditional degree program? Is it alot more intense and do you have to be a smart A student to succeed? After all its designed for HS grads so it cant be that difficult... anyone have any info on pass and graduaton rates?

    What is the acceptance rate like onto the program? Are there a lot of people who apply that dont get in?
    Can anyone give me an estimate on tuition - I cant find this info anywhere about NOVA.

    I am coming from out of state and looking for a place to rent but I dont know which area is best.... any ideas... are there good and bad areas? it seems to me like renting in N VA is quite expensive or is that just me?

    I would love to hear from some current students/grads of the momentum program.
    Any comments welcome.
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  3. by   bungi74

    I will also be applying for the Traditional program, but I am out-of-state, like yourself. I was looking at the school's policy, and out-of-state people are given last priority for the slots. Well not quite last, international students are last, but us out-of-staters are next to last.

    I am hoping that somebody who is in the program can share some light on whether there were any out-of-staters in the program when they started, or if the Virginians took all the slots...

    Best of luck in the journey...
  4. by   Julian87

    Its good to know that theres someone else out there in the same boat as I am. Im acually getting cold feet now, thinking that I wont get accepted onto the program. I really liked this program especially as it requires no previous college credit and no prerequisites. I should probably continue applying at other colleges for other programs except I dont know where... help.... and I dont think I will find a program as good as this.... I dont want to go to MCI because their tuition is astronomical compared to NVCC and I think they have an even longer waiting list to get onto their program.

    Hey any of you current or graduate NOVArians out there???... please give us some advice and info about what you think and what you experienced.

    Thanks a ton
  5. by   RNwannabe2011
    I'm not in the program but know some who are in both programs. The programs are challenging but you don't have to be an "A" student to do well. All depends on your study habits and determination to do well. The momentum program is an accelerated program, one year for basic pre-reqs and co-reqs, one year for nursing classes and co-reqs and then one year at Mason. So it's not a walk in the park. From what I've heard the summer semester is the most challenging. Because instead of having 16 weeks to complete it you have 12 weeks.

    I have no clue on acceptance rate, it's not something that is published like many colleges and universities do.

    Tutition for this semster is 112.45 per credit. For each semester of both programs you average about 14 credits per semester. Can be less if you go for the traditional program and do the co-reqs before hand. So about $1500.00 a semester plus books.

    This area is expensive to live in. There are good and bad areas... the further south you go from DC the rent gets cheaper. I have no clue what rent is like these days....but I live in Woodbridge and it's one of the cheaper areas to live in for this area.

    But with that means more time on the interstate, to get to where you want to go. This area is known for it's horrible traffic.
  6. by   Shanimal
    I don't know very much about the Momentum 2+1 program, but from what I understand, you have very little control over your class schedule since it's predetermined each semester by the program administrators. I know a couple of people who chose this track, and while they're both generally satisfied with the program, they didn't like that they were unable to choose when and with which professors they took the required courses. You might want to confirm this with the school, since these programs tend to change a bit form year to year. As for its intensity relative to the traditional program, its graduation rates, etc., I really have no idea.

    Since you are an out-of-state student, it would be very difficult to secure a place in the traditional nursing program (though again, I'm not sure about the Momentum 2+1). I know someone in a similar situation, and she decided to take all the nursing program prerequisites and corequisites first (which took about a year) while establishing her Virginia residency, so that she could then apply to the traditional program as an in-state student.

    And yes, renting in Northern Virginia is VERY expensive. I would suggest looking around Springfield, Woodbridge, and Annandale for budget-friendly housing near the main campuses, but be aware they have both good and bad neighborhoods.

    Good luck!