Questions about Medical Careers Institute RN Program

  1. I am thinking about attending mci for their rn program but i wanted to know some pros and cons, and even the tuition of the school. Thanks
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  3. by   delvenia
    not sure of the current tuition. it is expensive because it is considered a private school. i graduated from there 4/30/09 and currently am a RN at norfolk general. i liked it. they have a wonderful Director and Ass. Director and i have heard so many complements about the abilities of MCI graduates, even from some of the instructors from at other nursing schools. The clinical instructors are very hard on you, but it makes you well prepared for the real world. I am very grateful i went there, because i have students from other schools follow me sometimes while at work and some of them are so laxed and not eager to learn anything.

    the cons, however, is the fast pace. it can be a pro or a con because as soon as you tired of a class, its over. the con is that you have to learn very fast and the school is extremely expensive. I was able to graduate without repeating any classes and i also worked full time.
  4. by   leapinglizards3
    For MCI Virginia Beach it's $39,000 for the RN program and $32,500 for the LPN program right now. I'm planning to go for LPN starting July 26. I was looking at the RN program deciding if I should go for it instead of LPN, but unless I've interpreted it wrong, it looks like you'd be going to school 7 days a week for the night program. 5:30-10:30pm Mon through Friday and 8-4:30 Sat & Sunday.. For the LPN program the night classes are M-F 5:30 to 10:30 and once clinicals start they will be during class times and possibly Saturdays and Sundays, which I'm alright with.

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