1. For those that have taken BIO 205.....I'm a bit confused about the pre-reqs. The counselors at my campus have given me different answers. The catalog states that one needs a year of biology and chemistry. Would... BIO 141 and 142 and CHM 111 and 112 fulfill that requirement? Or can I just take one section of BIO and CHM?

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  3. by   jimmy53
    Hi, I just took that class in the summer. It's a bit different in the summer, but, it's not THAT hard! I had a&p 1 and 2 the previous two semesters and it was essentially the ONLY schooling I've had since graduating from college in 1997.....wow, I'm old! Anyway, Vander Maten is the one to take! She is an asst dean of the Bio dept. and she is amazing! She makes it simple and always seems to go back to the premise of.....you should be able to explain this concept on a bar napkin.....being a bartender, I find that to be awesome! Seriously, she is a bit kooky, like an eccentric aunt, or something, but very effective.....by the way, there's only a couple of professors who teach this subject. My roomate had a guy and said he wasn't too bad. I got a B with Dr. V and I easily could've had an A if I didn't work so much! Another thing, Chemistry will definitely HELP you with this class! If you can put it off til AFTER Chem, do it, otherwise, just study.....I didn't and got a B....that's saying a lot!!! Don't let the NOVA counselors push you around, be confident and they will let you take what you NEED, not what they WANT you to pay for! Hope this helps! - Jim
  4. by   Flames9_RN
    I took BIO 2o5 with Mrs V and she rocked!!!! made things very interesting!! Lab was great!! Not sure if this helps but I took BIo 141/142. As well took BIO 101 and chem 101(ihave no othr Chem class). I didnt have any grade 12 sciences, thus the bio/chem 101's. I graduated HS back in 91, so it was a good refresher anyhow,lol

    There are "NAS" classes one can take vice the Bio 205, bio141/142 route, I belive going that route is a few less credits.

    Mrs V is great, at the end of lecture she gives these small quizes that one can work in a group, and they are worth extra points, and we did a few other assignments that get you easy extra points. But mainly her lectures are interesting. best of luck
  5. by   Readyforthenextstep
    Hello, I took Bio 101 and Chm 101 since I didn't do any of them in high school and it is part of the pre req for nas 161. I have no clue about 205.
  6. by   reddirt

    BIO 205 - General Microbiology Examines morphology, genetics, physiology, ecology, and control of microorganisms. Emphasizes application of microbiological techniques to selected fields. Prerequisites one year of college biology and one year of college chemistry or divisional approval.
    Lecture 3 hours. Recitation and laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
    4 credits
  7. by   Readyforthenextstep
    Thanks But I am confused for nova aren't you suppose to do nas 161/162? Everything seems unclear to me?
  8. by   Flames9_RN
    Ouch--- I had just written a whole pile and it dissapeared!! NO, one doesnt have to do the NAS 161/162 route, there are other ways of getting the required classes. It is prob the shortest method though (less credits)

    Another route is BIO 205 and BIO 141/142. I took bio 141/142, THEN took Bio 205 and Bio 101 in the same semester, a bit backwards,lol And I took Chem 101 prior to taking BIO 205, and I belive I had to contact he school to take BIO 205---not sure who I contacted to get approval, think it was Mrs V, and she was obviously ok with it.

    I went with the "BIO" over the "NAS" classes as I was told they would transfer a lot easier to other schools than "NAS" classes would. No clue if that is true or not!!!

    Ur best bet is to contact student services or the 1st yr dean, thats what I did,lol
  9. by   RNwannabe2011
    Quote from jess0327
    Thanks But I am confused for nova aren't you suppose to do nas 161/162? Everything seems unclear to me?

    For NVCC's nursing program you take NAS 161/162. I'm apply to different ABSN programs and they won't all take the NAS 161/162.