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i need some advice from people who have completed all of the three prereq for the rn program at mci... if you have is it hard taking all three prereq's in one semester? based on the school and... Read More

  1. by   AlwysLrning
    Does anyone know when the start dates are for the NN campus? I'm considering for August time frame and would like to know if it is a start date of August or September. I'm trying to figure out before and after school care for my kids, etc. I think that will be the biggest headache is trying to work my kids care around the hours of the school.
  2. by   the six of us
    They have a Sept. 09 start date. They usually have start dates in Jan, May, and Sept. Good Luck
  3. by   Mickysminnie
    MCI VB has an Aug 09 and a Nov 09 start.
  4. by   nikkihurt
    Quote from nursn4me
    I was wondering the same thing as well. I am scheduled to take the Chemistry class 9/15 then math and computer class is in October. I am so scared I will not do well in the Chemistry class. I have some review notes another MCI RN student gave to me and since I have a month before the class start I figured I would use my time wisely.

    If you need the Chemistry notes I would be happy to forward them to you.
    I just read your post and would love for you to forward me your notes if you still have them.
  5. by   empress2676
    I'm new to this site and will be taking the pre-recs for the RN program at MCI. I was wondering it you had any notes for the Chemistry, Math and computer class that can better prepare me before i start that classes on the 15th of Dec. I'm figuring if I have the notes I can study ahead of the game. I will going to the MCI in Newport News. Could you help me please
  6. by   dragonflydani
    Hey! I'm starting my chem and math pre-reqs Dec 15th too, maybe we'll be in the same class I think we will be fine. The classes are 4 hours long, so I think we'll get a lot of hands on learning
  7. by   diamondhope
    Is anyone here currently in the Richmond program?? I live in arlington but im thinking to temp. move to richmond so i can go to their program, I already have basically all my pre-reqs but Im wondering how much is it exactly there? And also whats it like at that campus? I know rent is wayyyy cheaper in richmond then in arlington so im not realy worried about the will be totally worth it when all is said and done
  8. by   ambistudent

    I am a canidate to the RN program and right now I'm about to start my prereqs... If anyone can spare typed notes and send them to it will be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!!