LPN/RN advice?

  1. Hi all! I am finishing up a BS in Biology in December and hoping to go into nursing after. I'd really appreciate any advice.

    I want to ultimately be a RN. However, I will be graduating with around a 3.2, and I know this makes me quite below average for Virginia's accelerated BSN programs. I am fairly certain I would not get accepted, which is OK, but just wanted to throw that out there since I know people would recommend I look into accelerated BSNs based on my BS in Bio.

    I am mainly wondering what my chances would probably be at getting into a community college level (without a BSN) RN program, and if that is ideal for my situation right now. I am starting to wonder if financially it might be a better idea to go for an LPN since the training is just one year, as financing another 2-3 years of school would be difficult for me right now. I know I could always later do a LPN to BSN track, but the choice seems very daunting!

    I have many of my RN prereqs covered because of my major, but since the A/P I have was not a health/human bio focus, I would have at least an added two semesters just to meet those prereq requirements. This would tally up to 3-3.5 years added on to my extremely financially draining BS I am about to complete, and I'm not sure with that kind of stress I'd be able to perform as well as I'd need to. I really want to get into the field, even if I start at LPN and work my way up to RN several years down the road.

    Anyone go through a similar dilemma? If so, any regrets for what you chose either way? Any advice at all would be amazing. It is all very overwhelming and right now I'm feeling super jealous of everyone who knew they wanted to be a nurse when they first entered college - feel like this is such a huge and expensive change of plans!
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  3. by   LoLa.M
    You should look into NSU second degree program. They have an ABSN and I think it is only 13 months.