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  1. Hi all! i wanted to know if anyone knew of any hospitals that hired LPN's in the Richmond Va area. I want to work on a med/surg floor and I am hoping to move to chestefield (suburbs of richmond). Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   nursing804
    I am positive Henrico Doctors does, while I was doing my clinicals there for school, there was an LPN pursuing her RN working on their med- surge floor. That hospital is located on Parham rd. On the western side of the Willie bridge, which connects you to Chesterfield. About 20-30 minute drive depending on location.

    MCV may also and will pay more. That is the Medical College of virginia, located in downtown Richmond.
  4. by   Mizzyfrufru
    Thank you sooooooooo much! I will start looking into them first thing monday morning....
  5. by   nursing804
    hey, i see you are on,
    check out careerbuilders.com
    i was on there earlier, there is a pediatric office in Richmond looking for an LPN , 0 exp neccessary, CPR req.
  6. by   Coloradogrl
    I was just curious what hospitals in Va paid LPN's?
  7. by   nursing804
    This is just my guess and having friends in the field, anyone may correct me if they know differently. Of course hospitals pay lower than nursing homes or private duty cases, but the private hospitals, such as Henrico Doctors or Bon Secours, I believe it is around 13/14 $ hour.
    However, MCV is our State hospital and I know a PCT {patient care tech} ( which isn't even equal to a CNA) and she makes 12.00/hr.
    She is not certified in anything and just does bed baths and oral feedings.
    So, MCV is the hospital that pays better than any other. I do not know how much, Im sure if a PCT can make 12, an LPN can get at least 16.00, the only downside is city traffic and having to park and walk.