LPN/MA Program at MCI (Virginia Beach)

  1. Just wondering if anyone was able to find a job in either MCI's LPN or MA program. (I'm asking about MA since I'm considering that program as a back up) I'm not quite sure if their programs are NATIONALLY accredited either

    If anyone could share their experience/success stories I would appreciate it. Any bad experiences are welcomed as well, I would know to as much as possible before I enroll to this school. (And from what I can tell its costing me an arm and leg :c)
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  3. by   TheCareerStudent
    I go to MCI for the RN program in Newport News. Our program here is regionally accredited which is what matters. They are also in the accreditation phase with the NLN which is what REALLY matters. Once they get through this process you can transfer your credits like any other school. That is what holds people up a lot, because their credits can be nontransferable right now.

    I hope that helps. I really like school and I do well here but it is VERY hard. 5 week classes are no joke and you do 16 weeks of work in them. I test every single day of class. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to their programs you can do it!

    A lot of people can not handle the course load that is put out at this school. We are only 4 weeks in to this mod and 2 people in my class have quit and a lot of people are failing. I have an A but it takes a lot of work to do that. It is hard, very hard but in the end it is worth it.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  4. by   jini
    I really hope I do well.. programs like that just cram so much classes.
    Does anyone know anyone who took the MA program(I may have to lean towards this program since I honestly don't think I can handle all the workload) and were able to find a job after their externship? I'm just trying to see if hospitals/clinics are hiring those who graduate from this school
  5. by   TheCareerStudent
    I can say that a lot of the RN's at my school get hired while on their externships but I am not sure about MA's. I haven't met anyone here who has talked about having trouble getting hired. I wish I had more info for you, good luck.