JTCC/Commonwealth Nursing Program

  1. Anyone enrolled in this?

    How is it?

    Went to the traditional JTCC program info. session a couple of months ago and was discouraged because it had been something like 5 years since i've taken a math class and 3 years since i've taken a computer class.

    Are the pre-req's the same for the CNP?

    Thanks in advance ..
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  3. by   tlc2u
    I did a search via the search box here on allnurses using the term "JTCC" and there are some discussions about that school.
    They also have a website with prerequisite info

    Best of Luck to you!!!
  4. by   ashleynva
    i am a current student in the jtcc nursing program. i just started this fall. i got discouraged as well when i went to the info session last year. i found out i needed to take the math placement test even though i had already taken higher math courses. i know it probably sounds funny to most people but i actually studied for the placement test to try and place out of math 03 so i wouldn't have to take it and i could move along with the application process. but anyway, all schools are gunna give you hoops to jump through. you just have to play their game. in the end i ended up fulfilling requirements for three different schools to have a better chance to get in somewhere. i applied to jtcc and j. sarge, and found out i got in before southside regional applications where due. if i were you i would take the classes because they might help you get in somewhere else too.
    the cnp program is no more as of this fall. their current students are finishing up at jtcc. john tyler also has an online program now called the hybrid track. for the 11 weeks or so i've been in the program it's been great with no complaints. the teachers are very helpful. if you are self motivated i recommend the hybrid track.