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I am a young mother who is graduating high school this June. I am interested in becoming a Registered Nurse. I am planning on attending J.Serg Community College this fall. I am interested in... Read More

  1. by   sissy4dogs
    I'm with XYRN2b2010, I attended Bon Secours spring semester 2009 and it was the worst experience of my life. If the school would get off their high horse, get over themselves and focus on teaching students perhaps students wouldn't be leaving the over rated program. It was a nightmare, the instructors were so into themselves and their power trips. Their expectation are ridiculous and most of them have nothing to do with your education. Funny when I started reevaluating my options I found so many students that have left Bon Secours, thrown away tuition money and time invested into the program to transfer to a better program! JSRCC nursing program may have faults (what program doesn't) but the advisor and most of the instructors seem to be interested in your progress and ultimately finishing the school and passing the state boards. Bon Secour could care less on your success! XYRN, I will see you in the spring!
  2. by   VA_RN2B
    I am in my first semester of the RN program at JSRCC and I love it. I hope the next semester will be as good as this one!
  3. by   sissy4dogs
    I'm a former student of Bon Secours and hated their program. I felt the program wasn't about the students. They are more worried about their pass/fail rate then they are teaching students. Ask for help and they basically tell you that you are on your own. It was the worst experience, since leaving I have found many students who had they same experience that I had. They have transferred to J Sarg and love it, I'm sure that has to do with what they went through at Bon Secour. I start J Sarg this spring and can't wait. While it will never be a perfect program I am certain they are more interested in my success than they're ratings.