J. Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2017

  1. Hey everyone,
    I applied for Reynolds fall 2017 RN program that closes may 15th. Just wanted to see everyone's scores for the Kaplan test. We are supposed to hear back 1st or 2nd week of June. Good luck everyone!

    I took the Kaplan twice to better my science score.
    1st test: Reading 82%, Math 93%, Writing 86%, Science 75%
    2nd test: Reading 91%, Math 96%, Writing 71%, Science 80%
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  3. by   Tx2376
    Hey! I also applied for the J Sarg fall RN program.

    My scores were:
    Reading 87%, Math 96%, Writing 62%, Science 80%

    A total weighted average of 84.8%. I really hope that's high enough to be accepted!
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  4. by   1gr8trnstudent
    I am sure you will get in. From last fall, those with 70s got in. My weighted average is 88.6 or close to it. Hoping we get in.
  5. by   NandZ37
    I too applied for the fall RN program. I will be submitting my portfolio tomorrow!!!
    I also took the Kaplan twice with hopes of getting a better score. Reading 96, math 98, writing 71, science 70. Overall is 83.
    Please let the scores be enough! Good luck to you all as well!
  6. by   FutureRN0706
    Hi, I also applied for the Fall 2017 semester. Everyone's scores are great! Mine were Reading 95%, Math 100%, Science 60%, Writing 76%, weighted score of 84.1%. I'm also hoping mine are good enough! Good luck to everyone!
  7. by   14arobinson
    Well my scores weren't as good as you all I received a 96 in math 95 in reading 57 in writing and 55 in science. I applied anyway though it doesn't hurt! Good luck to you guys!!
  8. by   LoveliiRN2B
    I got a 96% math 95% reading 77% writing and 90% in science. Seems like everyone has great scores. I didn't try on writing mainly because it's not weighted as much. Overall 92%
  9. by   LoveliiRN2B
    Based on last year's thread, we will know by June 5th. So in 2 weeks we all should know something. This is to wishful thinking
  10. by   1gr8trnstudent
    It would be nice. Is anyone planning on getting their BSN after?
  11. by   Tx2376
    Yes! Planning on VCU for my BSN.
  12. by   1gr8trnstudent
    I pLan on the same thing if the concurrent BSN at Old Dominion does not pan out. Does anyone know about that?

    Also, where is the best location to live? I am not from Richmond and have been apartment hunting with not much luck. Any suggestions?
  13. by   LoveliiRN2B
    I Got Accepted At Piedmont Virginia community college nursing program so I submitted my application to ODU. I was already accepted. They told me to just change the school info once accepted to j sarge. I'm pretty hopeful for odu program because I've completed all gen eds so I'm doing only nursing classes at both schools. Their program seems very good. The goal in May 2019 is to walk JSR stage 1 day and ODU stage the next. We shall see.
  14. by   1gr8trnstudent
    Congrats. I hope to do the same. I read that VCU likes ODU grads.