is anyone here a student or a grad of mci rn program in newport news?

  1. hi, i would like to get info on the rn progrm of mci in newport news, would you recommend it? other additional info would be greatly helpful.
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  3. by   anonymurse
    I have heard it is much more expensive than other local programs. I ran into a recent grad and asked her, she said she hired on to ICU but they told her she wasn't cutting it and should start in med/surg (that's where I met her). Sorry that's not much info at all but I figured since no one else replied at least I could give you what I had. If you know you want to work at Riverside in NN, check out their diploma school Riverside School of Health Careers - School of Professional Nursing. If you know you want to work at Sentara, check out their diploma school in Chespeake Registered Nursing Program. If you live out by Franklin, Paul D Camp CC has a RN program that started up last year and last I heard (3 or 4 months ago) had no waiting list though that could change fast Paul D. Camp Community College Home Page