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  1. Looking for any info on Inova, pay compared to other hospitals in NOVA. I will have my RN completed May of 2008. Looking at jumping into a critical care area wherever my next adventure leads me. How are benefits, educational specifically, etc? How do you like living in NOVA? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Trying to decide where in Virginia I would like to relocate. Thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   krenee
    Well, I'm still pre-nursing so can't answer some of your questions but I do live in Northern Virginia. Inova hospitals have a really good reputation, and I'm sure the pay is fair. That said, this area is HORRIBLE as far as traffic, one of the worst areas in the country - so you would want to live near your job. The problem with that is that I believe most if not all of the INOVA hospitals are in Fairfax county, which is expensive. So that may be a problem. I live in Prince William County which is considerably less expensive, and I won't drive to an INOVA hospital; I'm going to stick to the hospital that is local here, even though it's definitely not as good as the INOVA hospitals.

    Good luck!