How many times can one fail in VA???

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    how many times can one take the nclex in virginia?? what if you get out of school and take it say three times or more?? is there a limit as to how many times you can take it and will your future employer know if you failed it and had to retake it??

    [color=#a0522d]i ask because i am a bad test taker. i am a good studier and do well on my school tests, in-fact i was an honor student, but i have not done well on standardized tests like sat's... real bad on those. just wondering... i would hate going to rn school, spending $$ to go, then get out and fail the nclex.
    [color=#a0522d]thanks all! epona
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    I think you need to contact the board of nursing. Please don't be a self-fulfilling prophecy - think positively.
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    Epona, test taking is like anything else, nobody is born with the ability, and very few people have ever had training in how to take tests. I have always loved tests and so I have done well, going out of my way to do puzzles and tests all my life. Sure that gave me an edge, but my school has worked hard on making all exam questions into NCLEX-style questions, and their efforts make a whole lot more difference than all my previous test-taking experience. They spent lots of money on online NCLEX-style drills and NCLEX coaching courses. Now some of the students (like me) go all out on these, and some do the minimum. It's up to you.

    Also you can buy prep books and online prep courses. It is worth spending money on these, because if you flunk, as you point out, it's all for nothing. You have to become determined to pass your first time, and there is no reason why you can't do it. The figures say your chances for success decline as the number of attempts increase, so set your mind on it and plan for it.

    We study in a group, and our group has decided to study for school tests from an NCLEX prep book instead of our textbooks, and we prefer this even to lecture notes. This may cost us a couple of points in our school grades, but our heads are above water and more importantly this is our way of keeping our eye on the big prize, the NCLEX. The NCLEX score will be reported to our first employer, so doing well matters to all of us.
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    Hi kurosawa. Wow. That was very insightful. I appreciate the advice very much!

    Yes.. see I am a good student and a hard studier and I am a good test taker when I have studied and know the material. SAT type tests I DO NOT do well on. So it can bite someone like me who is an honor student and a good regular test taker, just not a good "standarized" test taker. The school I am going to has a pass rate of around 50 which is not very good. I am thinking once I get started I am going to try and transfer to a school who has a better pass rate, BUT that school is about an hour and a half one way for me. Wish me luck!!

    Thanks again!! E