How long to get nclex results?

  1. I am taking my nclex-pn on February 2nd. I got a letter form pearson saying that a certain list of states can call and get results in 48 hours. Virginia isn't on that list. How long does it take and from where do the results come?

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  3. by   Soon-to-be-NurseJess
    Get on the Va Board of Nursing website and then look on the right hand side of the screen and there is a phone number that says Automated LIcense Verification. You can call that number and put in your SSN and it will tell you if you have a current license. A friend from class called the day after she took the NCLEX-RN and it said she had a current license (meaning she passed). But you should probably wait about 24-48 hours to be sure its in the system.

    Also on the website you can go to the License Lookup link on the left hand side of the screen and put in your name and zip code and it will tell you whether you have a current license, but it takes a little longer (2-3 days) for it to have the information.
    I wish you the best
  4. by   CrazyNurseIrene
    I wrote in mid May for Minnesota they are the fastest to process and I got my results via the Minnesota website verification within 24 hours. Good luck. Its the visa screen that takes forever.
  5. by   bmezz
    Thanks for the response. I changed my date to tomorrow instead of Friday. Hope I can get my results on Wednesday. I am so nervous.
  6. by   nursprl
    I took my test the day after july 4, and found out 3-4 days later. Of course this when it was still the Multiple Choice computer version 6 yrs ago. Not sure how long the new version takes. You can also ask for a number to call from the moderator of the testing center.
  7. by   bmezz
    I forgot to come back and post, but I PASSED!!!!! I took the Nclex Pn on January 24th and got my results by the automated line on January 26th. When I called on the 25th, the lady told me that they hadn't recieved the results from the day before yet. Results we online on the 27th. My friend took hers the Friday after I did and her results were on the automated system on Monday morning.
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    Thank You!!
  10. by   kdecapit
    i took my NCLEX on monday july 23rd in viringia. if my name doent come up on the boards lisence by now, thurs, does that mean i didnt pass??
  11. by   dhawk01
    FYI, I'm not sure if it works in other states, but in Minnesota you can find out if you passed 10 minutes after you take your NCLEX. As soon as I finished the test, I left the test center for home. It takes approximately 5-8 minutes to get home from my test center.

    When I got home, I jumped on the Pearson Vue website and tried to register to take the test again. Keep filling out information. If you've passed the test, there will be a pop up message that clearly states "This candidate has previously passed the exam for this license. An additional test cannot me scheduled at this time."

    BINGO! No fees, no worries, IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

    BTW, If you're putting off the test because you're nervous or scared you're not ready, go test right now! It's not as bad as people make it seem. Go in with confidence and you'll do fine. Remember, you've passed some really hard exams over the past few years while in nursing school. You've learned a lot and you will know the answers when asked.

    GO DO IT! It's an awesome feeling to have finished!
  12. by   joe m
    I am glad to hear that you got the same pop up as I did. I just hope it worksfor me as it did for you. I can't wait for 48 hrs to pass
  13. by   hafsa2009
    Hi I got a good pup too with pvt, but when i checked mbon it says'' Lic# status pendind and
    Checklist Status:complete. plz i am confused