How is the job market??

  1. Hi. Can someone tell me how the general job market is in Hampton Roads?? I have heard in some states like Colorado, it's VERY HARD to find a job and there is NO nursing shortage there. What about VA and Hampton Roads?? Have new nurses been able to easily find jobs here??

    Thanks! Epona :wink2:
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Depends on where you go in Virginia, as to whether the market's good or not. Some places (like Roanoke, Richmond, and C'ville) are better than others. Last i checked, Hampton Roads, Newport News, Va Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk areas had a pretty decent job market.
  4. by   cookie102
    i work home health in the hampton roads area and we are in need of nurses, job market wide open, i think
  5. by   TAMIRN89
    We are definitely in need of nurses in all areas!!
  6. by   anonymurse
    One factor that is often overlooked is graduation date. If you graduate in June, you're competing with a whole bunch of other folks. Almost as bad in December. But if you graduate at some odd time like March or September, you're in a much better position to pick and choose. This is something you can plan for in advance.
  7. by   Epona
    Thanks kurosawa! I will keep that in mind!!