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  1. Could anyone tell me about ultimate health school or star college in falls Church va, please. ..
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    As with any program, check the Virginia BON for approval status and NCLEX scores: Virginia Board of Nursing Education Programs

    Looks like both have conditional approval. Star has abysmal NCLEX pass rates - 35%.
  4. by   sadafsand
    Don't go to UHS, school is not organized at all, director of the program change the students grade if want to pass or either fail them, no matter what you get. they charge less than other school at first but failing students at middle of the program you don't have any choice then they will make more money, no matter how hard you try. Some people stay in that school for few more years. They probably tell you no they didn't study, yes they do study but when it comes to final exam they will get you wrong test with 50% total of the final means you have not done anything in class even you have A+ you will fail with that ATI exam all the time because they setup and pre planned like this.
    Not really recommended not good school at all. you don't get what you deserve and pay for it. Go some where else you will be more happy. Wrong TEST, HOT ROOM, and more issue, don't waste your time and money. you can find better school. They cheated on your money.