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  1. I'm currently a Pre-Nursing student and I'm hoping to attend the nursing program at George Mason University. Does anybody know how many students apply to the program? I know around 100 get in, but how many apply. Also, what do you think my chances are of being accepted? I have an overall GPA of 3.5, a 4.0 GPA in the general education prerequisites and a 4.0 in the nursing prerequisites. The reason my overall GPA is lower is because I went to VCU my first semester and their Gen. Ed. classes are different than Mason's so I took those and didn't do as well.
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  3. by   Halcyonn
    You would probably get a better response in the Virginia Nursing forums.
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    thread moved to VA state nursing program forum to elicit further response.
  5. by   health care analyst
    Are you aiming for the accelerated BSN program or traditional? The accelerated is one of the most competitive b/c of the small number of seats, but if you don't already have a Bachelors, you can do the traditional, which has more seats. Overall, GMU is a bit competitive b/c its the only public (cheapest) BSN program in NOVA. (marymount is private and cost an arm, 2 legs, etc.)

    I don't know the exact number of applicants (you can ask the dept or search the FAQs on the website), but I think your grades are good enough to get in. Sometimes we worry ourselves a lot more than we need to b/c we're so anxious! I'm not a nursing student at Mason (career changer now looking at another nursing program), but I graduated from there as an undergrad and grad student and I had plenty of friends in the traditional nursing program who made decent grades (but not perfect 4.0 GPAs).

    Keep up the good grades and do well on the HESI (thats the exam Mason uses, not TEAS)
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    Hey bakerrm3,

    I applied to Mason's traditional pathway for this coming fall. Which school did you complete your prereqs at? I completed all of mine at NOVA (except PHIL 309 - bioethics which I took at GMU). I graduated from nova with a 3.6 overall, had a 4.0 in science prereqs, and a 3.7 in nursing prereqs.

    I will be applying to NOVA's traditional pathway as well. Unfortunately these two programs are my only options

    Anyhow, when I went to see 2 advisers at Mason I was told I am a strong applicant because of my grades. So I am hoping they were right and I get in? But it seems like your grades are a bit better than mine even, so that should be good

    The only thing I'm really scared about is the essay part, I like to think I write well, however, I feel so hopeless about my application essay Plus I don't have any clinical experience, but the adviser told me most traditional students don't? But without the HESI I'm guessing it's even more competitive now :0

    I think about 300 students apply. Now it's just a loooooong and scary wait until end of April! I still haven't gotten my confirmation email from CHHS for my application So if I don't get that by Wednesday I think I might just call them!

    Good luck to everyone who applied! ) I hope we alllll get in!