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  1. by   bohoduex
    i noticed that about the scholarships as well, good thing gmu is not private! i submitted my fafsa and have been checking my account but still no financial aid activity. has anyone purchased their required textbooks for fall yet? i don't know what the better deal is for purchasing textbooks; buying the books through sites like amazon, renting the books, or purchasing a custom package through elsevier?

    estrella55: what did you do for purchasing your textbooks? did you need access codes/cds for the texts? i ask that bc if we do need the access codes, the books must be new. did you find any recommended books especially useful? i appreciate any input/advice you are willing to share
  2. by   mew56
    The Financial office is probably pretty busy this time of the year, I wouldn't worry unless they take longer than the month it took me to hear from them.

    I bought 14 books for 750~$ and I got the majority of them through amazon's used section and made sure they came with the CD if they were suppose to have one. But in all honesty I probably wont use the CDs unless they are required. I really doubt I could do better price wise than that. (12 that are required, 1 winter and 1 drug book). In terms of access codes I'm pretty certain if you really really need them you can go to the publishers site and buy it.

    If you buy that package deal its 7 books for 620ish dollars. So I think used books are the better way to go. I imagine when I have them all stacked up it'll hit me how much stuff we have to learn in a semester.

    Oh yeah, and I did notice that the booklist they gave out isn't necessarily correct in all of its info. Even though edition, author ispn, and title is correct. It might say 2010 on the booklist and be 2009 on amazon. Also the ISPN #s are written a little different in terms of where they place the dashes, so I would play around with the names/authors of the books.

    I wanted to buy the books asap because I know the closer it gets to the start of the semester, the used sections is not as cheap and has less options.
  3. by   mew56
    Please tell me you aren't required to bring these books into school, I just got a couple in and I think they each weighed 10 pounds.

    I'm pretty surprised no one has made a facebook group yet. Well there is a general nursing one for FB for Student Nursing Association - George Mason but I dont know if anyone wants to just have one for the future trials and tribulations of just the class of 2011 accelerated students.
  4. by   Estrella55
    Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond. We're in the middle of our final clinicals and classes.

    Honestly, you do not really bring your books in to classes. They're wayyy too heavy. You don't really need to buy all of them but the ones that I do recommend buying (at the least) are the Med-Surg book, Pharmacology, Health Assessment book and lab book, your Peds, Psych, and Maternity books, the Community Health book, and the 'Nursing as a Profession' book. (You may not read much of the last book but I'd recommend doing so.) I had some friends that didn't buy their books and then ended up paying for it (literally) when an exam came around, the book was nowhere to be found, and they could not scan the pages.

    In terms of the program, just try to "stay afloat." That's probably the best advice that I could give. Everybody has their own opinion but I wish that someone had told me this before I went into the program.
  5. by   bohoduex

    I bought my books yesterday, 16 of them (ugh). I am waiting to buy the January book just so I can save some money in my pocket. I got them off of amazon for ~$780. I also signed up for amazon prime and will be getting them today/tomorrow. Thought I'd share some random insight from my friend who is in the program now;

    Questions I asked her..
    Do I have to buy new books with access codes? or can I buy used ones/rent them?
    you can buy used books but you need to double check with the book list that the school sent you for ISBN # . There are classes that require new books, it really depends later on when you are actually in the class.

    Should I do anything to prep myself for August?
    The best way to prep yourself up is to read a head of time once you get your schedule. Most of the teachers will send an email to you letting you know. It's always good to stay ahead of yourself ( there are tons of reading later on, you do not want to stay behind of your reading)

    Does the color of my stethoscope matter (I was offered many colors at NOVA uniforms) or should I stick with black?
    Stethoscope's color doesn't matter but just buy one with an okay price, we tend to lose our stethoscope quite often so you don't want an expensive one. Range around 20-40 is good. You can get them at Nova Uniforms (offers a GMU discount 10%). Also get a pen light and a pair of kelly forcep.

    How is the INOVA comp testing?
    The inova comp test is really easy, you just have to go through the tutorial once or twice by yourself the the week before you take it. When you are actually there to take the test, the instructor will actually goes over most of the tutorial again before you take the test so it's really nothing to sweat over. You'll do great. No one failed it yet ~ haha.
  6. by   mew56
    I went to Lynford Uniforms today to pick out my uniform and when I asked about getting the Kelly forceps the lady in charge said it would be better if I waited because some instructors want them straight while others want them bent. She told me to just get the stuff off the list for now. They certainly do try to sell hard though.
  7. by   Estrella55
    Hmm, that's interesting. I actually never bought the Kelly forceps, nor have I needed them this year. Altogether, all of your books, supplies, and scrubs will cost "a pretty penny" though. I'd definitely wait before buying anything that's not mentioned on the list.

    However, a good thing that I recommend is buying some of those foam or rubber inserts that you can put in the bottom of your shoes to help "absorb" the shock of your feet on the ground. They're worth their weight in gold and you'll be thankful you bought them after 9-14 hours of running around on the unit.
  8. by   saeedeh
    hello people.
    i am looking into starting the accelerated 2nd degree program.
    i have a previous bsc in management from purdue with a 2.95 overall gpa from 2004.
    i did my pre-reqs from nova and have a 4.0 in those.(have wisened with age!)
    i am very nervous about the whole program and applying.can anyone share their scores/gpa/experience to help me to get a feel of what will help me into getting admission into the program.
    really appreciate it!
  9. by   lmm11
    I am going to apply for the accelerated BSN in fall of 2012. (I am beginning my pre-reqs in January 2011). Does anyone know the classese that are transferable from NVCC to GMU? I am signed up for the info sesssion, but that doesn't occur until after registration for NVCC opens.

    also, my undergrad is from VT in marketing. I received a 3.6 in major and 3.3 overall. Does you previous major count for all that much? I plan to do much better on my pre reqs.

  10. by   AEP1209
    Hi everyone! I'm applying for fall 2011. I took the HESI A2 this week, but I realized that I have no idea what is considered a "good" HESI score (i.e. a HESI score that would help me get into GMU!). Has anyone else taken it yet? If so, what were your scores? Thanks everyone!
  11. by   espress099
    I've heard a couple people say that communication and organization aren't great in the program and that really concerns me, especially if school is stressful enough I hate having to fix problems with the school that should have been done correctly in the first place (this has perpetually frustrated me with public schools ..private seem to do a much better job- but you PAY for it$$).

    Could someone please elaborate on the communication/organization issues... are they annoying enough (ie can't get in touch with people, no emails returned etc) that I should choose a different, more expensive school like GW?

    Also, what is Mason's reputation with local hospitals? I've heard INOVA is a great hospital and since clinicals take place there do you think they would be more apt to hire a Mason graduate?

    Where do Mason graduates typically get hired? Does one typically have a job lined up right before graduation?

  12. by   julesjmf
    From what I've heard, all of the schools have their problems. I know several people who were graduates of Marymount (private) who had similar problems with organization.

    I think the problems with organization/communication at GMU stem from it being such an accelerated program -- it is difficult to get people through so quickly. For what it's worth, I never had trouble getting people to return my emails at GMU as a student (they weren't very forthcoming with information as an applicant, but once you were accepted/a student, it wasn't a problem -- the professors are great).

    GW's program is newer so I don't know how they are doing, and they might have their own problems simply from being newer.

    In terms of a job, I don't think it makes a difference where you go to school. Most of the schools have clinicals at Inova facilities. The job market stinks right now. Your best bet for a job right out of school is to work as a tech during school on a unit you like -- they are likely to offer you a job once you graduate. Your next best option is to get a scholarship/work commitment through Inova or one of the hospitals.

    Good luck!!
  13. by   espress099
    thanks for the response. It's helpful to know that the professors are great. I want to move back to Miami ASAP after graduation but who knows i may have to hang around VA if thats where i get a job, it's not so bad

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