For Virginia Any Hampton Roads Excelsior Graduates

  1. I am a LPN and I am currently enrolled in Excelsior's LPN to ASN program and I plan to be done sometime next year.

    I've recently interviewed for a position at one of the major hospitals in the area and I feel really confident that I will get the position. This hospital is apart of a huge network of hospitals and I would really love to be apart of this institution for a long time.

    My concern is with the BON in VA saying that Excelsior Grads must have approx 6mos experience before receiving a VA license.

    My plan was when I graduate school to get my NC license and work full-time in a NC facility while dropping down to part-time in VA as a LPN to keep my spot at this facility. While talking to a friend today she gave me another idea. She asked since NC is a compact state why can't I get that license and then work in VA through the compact. My response was because it would have to be my home state...

    My question is if I "stay" with my cousin in NC and claim NC as my home state, can I use that license to work in VA to get my experience to qualify for a VA license or will the VA BON not allow it?
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  3. by   llg
    You'll have to ask the VA BON. We can only speculate here.

    But as your idea would subvert the intention of the law, I doubt they would be happy about it. If that is a possible loophole in the law, they would try to close it before others try to take advantage of it.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    You cannot work in Virginia under a NC license. While Virginia is a compact state, you would still need to apply to obtain a Virginia RN license using your NC license as proof that you are a RN.

    You would need to have your 1000 hours of RN experience as a RN in North Carolina before you could apply for a RN license in Virginia.
  5. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Thanks for your responses guys.

    I just realized that I read the licensing information wrong.

    VA will license provisionally for initial licensing so I’m out of the woods for now.