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I have an interview at Carilion next week and will be driving in. Anyone know of nice places to eat that are reasonably priced. I've heard The Home Place is nice as well a some downtown spots. ... Read More

  1. by   smn2010

    congratualations on your upcoming interview!!!

    i don't think anyone from carilion or anywhere else can tell you what questions will be asked. unless you are interviewing with a city/state or federal agency, every job usually is being posted by different departments, different managers, who have their own group of questions. just be prepared to answer interview questions, in general. i would suggest you do a search of "interview questions for nurses." if you "practice" answering these questions prior to the interview, it will help you tremendously; however, don't be too eager to respond too quickly when asked a questions because you will look as though you memorized your answers.

    i am not sure what specialty (i.e. correctional, psych...) you are interviewing for; but you can also check the website, by specialty, because there is usually someone who has asked a similar question.

    good websites that have nurse interview questions are located at:
    believe it or not, these days, most interview questions are asked to determine how you handle, conflict between co-workers, patients, patient family members, etc. rarely are you asked about your actually clinical skills. questions are geared to get you to communication by expressing yourself as you explain the answer to "scenarios" that are involve common workplace problems (i.e., you witness a coworker acting intoxicated, what would you do??? you suspect a coworker is stealing narcotics from the unit's med system, what would you do??? what was the most recent conflict that you were involved in while at work and how did you handle/resolve it...)

    know your strengths! (examples: ability to multi-task, compassionate, good work ethics..) know your weaknesses; and don't be afraid to say what they are!!! (examples: my time management is often affected because i like to take the time to get to know my patients as i build a repoire with them.....because i like to review my patient medications before they are administered, i sometimes take a little longer during my medication pass when i have new patients or new medications that i am not familiar with....) these "weaknesses" are actually "strengths" if you can convey them properly; and the interviewer will probably tell you so. additionally, be abe to provide the interviewer with ways you are working to combat these weaknesses so they become strengths.

    ...didn't mean to write so much......just trying to help out. but, look at the questions in the links above. take your time and actually write a response to each of the ones that appear "difficult" to answer, at first glance. this will help you to organize your thoughts, if the questions are actually asked. i bet you will get similar questions during your interview you will be prepared, in advance.

    good luck with your interview!!!
  2. by   ktran1
    WildcatfanRN, I am applying for new grad program at Carilion Clinic, how did your interview go? What kind of questions were asked of you? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

  3. by   cHaNkStA
    Anyone else get an interview/call-back?