BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

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    Is anyone planning to apply for Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing or John Tyler CC school of Nursing for Spring 2011? Application deadlines for JTCC are approaching and my nerves are shot.... just wondering if anyone is in the same boat.

    I plan on applying for both, but have to retake the TEAS exam for BSMC (apparently its required that you take it at their facility).

    I am incredibly nervous because Spring '10 was not my best semester at Tyler; it was the first where I was not on the Dean's list. I got a "B" in every class taken. My cumulative GPA is 3.4, but my curriculum GPA is 3.6 and my TEAS score was in the 95th percentile. I've heard so many stories of people with higher GPAs not getting in and competition is stiff. I've completed all pre-reqs and registered for BIO 142 in the event that I don't get accepted to either program and have to apply to other 4 year schools that would want 142 completed before application. I have been referred to programs like those at MCI, but prefer a more traditional setting because once I earn my BSN I want to continue into a graduate program.

    Curiosity is getting the best of me and I would like to know more about the applicant pool and other options being considered by students in the Richmond area. PLEASE REPLY!!!


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    I am applying to Bon Secours. Taking the TEAS for them on the 21st. I thought about applying to John Tyler, but after getting the run around with their admissions/counseling department, I decided against it. I am also applying to J. Sarge, where I have taken all of my pre-reqs so far. My GPA is also 3.4, so I'm in the same boat. This will be my first time taking the TEAS, hopefully I will do well enough on it to get in somewhere.
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    Thanks FFW.... I'm sorry you got the run around. What happened exactly (if you don't mind me names of course)? I haven't had the opportunity to deal personally with the staff at the nursing education site.

    Also, best of luck to you. Hopefully everything will work out. I dread taking the TEAS again, but I'll go ahead and set up a time to attend an info session and get it done.
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    When I went in to meet with them to register, the woman I met with was new. I felt like she didn't know what she was talking about. She kept asking other counselors questions. What should have taken probably 30 minutes took 2.5 hours.

    Then they told me I had to take high school level algebra or another placement test to test out of it because I didn't score well enough on the math portion of the placement test at J. Sarge. I've already taken college math, and I took algebra in high school, so I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of that.

    I just felt like they made things way more difficult then they should have been. It just left me with a really bad impression of their whole system.

    I've never dealt with anyone in the actual nursing department, so I can't comment on that.
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    Hi there,
    I applied for the BS-RN program with BSMC for Fall '10 and didn't get in due to my gpa being messed up (long story). I fixed all the errors at VCU and reapplied with my better GPA for Spring 2011. I scored in the 98th on the TEAS test, without having any preparation. BUT- I had just finished a college math class at VCU, so it was all fresh in my mind. If you haven't had any math or science in a while I would definitely recommend study guides etc.

    I am really hoping to get into BSMC, but am using JTCC as my fall back (would apply for Fall '11). I was going to just apply for both for Spring, but didn't have the Student Success pre-req class. I never took it since I did well in school, but sure enough, now I have to take it in order to even apply! So I'm taking that this fall online and hopefully I'll get accepted to BSMC and can drop the success class. I think we find out in October some time...
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    nm483 - have you taken the TEAS for Bon Secours? I'm taking it next Saturday and I'm starting to get nervous! The biggest source of stress for me will be math and science. Neither have ever been my best subjects. How hard is it and can you use a calculator for the math?

    Thanks for your input! =)
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    FFW- I haven't taken it for BS yet, but need to soon for application. I took version IV at Tyler and BS is testing with version V (I'm not really sure of what the differences are). Calculators were not allowed so be prepared to crunch numbers the old fashioned way. I came very close to running out of time on the math portion, so pace yourself and keep an eye on the clock. Unanswered questions are counted as incorrect. The science was very broad in my opinion. I expected there to be questions about biology, anatomy, and chemistry; but geological questions popped up too. Try not to get hung up too badly on things you don't know as you move through the sections. Sometimes we psych ourselves out by doubting our ability. I hope you knock it out of the park!!!!!
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    Thanks! That's what I was afraid of! lol I just took one of the practice exams I bought with the study guide. I did OK on the reading and verbal. I think if I had taken more time on the math, I would have done better. I need to take another practice test and not use a calculator to see how I do. I completely bombed the science, except the anatomy questions. Saturday should be interesting...
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    I applied at John Tyler and got the run around with them for a similar situation, but it was my math AND english... I took college level math and 4 years of high school math and even though one of the nursing professors (my advisor) told me it would meet the pre-req requirement they mentioned in my rejection letter that it didn't. In addition, I took 4 years of high school English and 2 english classes at a 4 year university and they told me the english I took didn't apply... Tell me how two semesters of a 4 year university english class somehow don't meet the requirements of a community college?? It's a bunch of crap.

    I also applied at Bon Secours. I had a good chance but had a similar mix up with my GPA and we weren't able to get it fixed in time.

    I am attending Southside Regional Medical Center's nursing program in Petersburg starting on the 30th. It's an 18 month program (I will have completed the program and taking the NCLEX by May 2012). I would recommend applying there if you are interested in applying to a number of schools. I have been more impressed with Southside than with the other schools. They are much more down to earth and friendly in my opinion. They want the best for their students and their patients. It's also fairly cost efficient and they offer scholarships. As much as I wanted to go to Bon Secours, I am glad I went with Southside. I'll be done at Southside a good year before I'd be done at Bon Secours and I plan on spending that year getting my BSN online and getting a year's worth of working experience in the meantime. Then after another year, I plan on applying to ECU for their MSN program because I want to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and eventually work at MCV in their NICU.

    Good luck for all who are applying to the schools in the area!!
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    I looked into the Southside Regional program at one point. The biggest issue for me is I live between Richmond and Charlottesville, so it's just too far away.