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Hi, I'm an out of state student from California, I'm possibly moving to Va for nursing school. I came across Bryant and Stratton college in Richmond Va. I just want to know if anyone has graduated... Read More

  1. by   aclopez
    Clinicals for fundamentals are once a week and you get to choose which day you want from Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. They were all 8 hour shifts except Friday which is 12 hrs. They may change up the days fall semester, but that's how my second term is currently. The first 5 weeks were lab then we started going to clinicals.
  2. by   NursePumpkinBunch
    Okay great and thanks for the info. I'm excited to start! How are you liking the program so far? Also, do we have to purchase their uniforms or can we buy our own scrubs if we want? I should have asked during my interview but I was too excited to remember lol.
  3. by   Dmw5792
    Oh ok! Clinicals are once a week in second term
  4. by   aclopez
    That's great! I like it so far, the first few weeks were stressful and heavy but it became more manageable once i got down a study routine. The school provides us with two pairs of scrubs in your size and you only have to wear your uniform the day you have lab/clinical.
  5. by   NursePumpkinBunch
    Okay sounds good to me. I'll definitely have to get a good study routine as well. Glad to be able to chat with people already in the program.
  6. by   kkgill
    How do y'all like the program? Are the professors helpful? Is there anything you would recommend to look into or to keep in mind when starting the program?
  7. by   sbustamante
    Hello All, I was curious if any of you have finished the nursing program or if you are still in the program through Bryant and Stratton? How did you feel about the program, is it worth it? I have considered going there but am really unsure because I do not want to pay tuition at a school with a bad program or teachers. Thank you!!
  8. by   Jbajwa09
    Hi I'm also a California resident now living in Ohio and was wondering if anyone is currently in the ADN program? How are classes- schedule wise? Clinicals-how many times a week and how long? Do class or clinicals go past 6pm? I know the first couple semesters attendance won't be daily but does that change after semester 3? Any information will be greatly appreciated!