Bon Secours Fall 2011 - page 2

I was just wondering if there are other people out there that are applying for the Bon Secours BSN Fall 2011 Program. I just took the TEAS test earlier this week and got my results back last night... Read More

  1. by   RubberDuckie
    The grammar section was really difficult for me too! Your test scores are right in line with mine and I personally think we did excellent! Hopefully we'll both be sharing the good news that we got in!
  2. by   stary01
    I hope so! Good Luck. Make sure post as soon as you know, and I will do the same!!!
  3. by   emmm90
    Oh my goshhh, I saw RubberDuckie said we should find out at the end of this week and I had to post on here. My stomach hurts now from butterflies! lol I also applied for Fall 2011... by the way. I got about the same score on the TEAS test as yall, I got an 88%. I'm sooo nervous because I applied for VCU for the Fall as well and found out over Spring Break that I did not get in there. If I dont get in to BSMCON I am going to be so depressed!
  4. by   RubberDuckie
    I got in!!!!! I'm so excited!! They just e-mailed me! Hope to hear good news from y'all soon!!
  5. by   stary01
    Congrats!!!! That is so exciting!! Still havent heard anything, but I'm refreshing my email every 5 minutes!
  6. by   emmm90
    YAYYYY! I got in too! I'm so so happy! I guess we will be classmates soon then!
  7. by   ssull07
    I got in too!! Congrats guys!!
  8. by   ZeldaKitsune
    I was rejected Dx
    Congratulations to everyone else though!
    I'll try for J Sarge or something now
  9. by   RubberDuckie
    Sorry to hear about rejections-- it's tough, I know. I've been rejected and I know how it feels-- it sucks (for lack of better words). Keep your spirits up and don't let this get you down.

    On another note:
    Congrats to those who got in!
  10. by   stary01
    I didn't get in either.... It's okay though, I have Reynolds that I applied too! Congrats to everyone who got in, I know what hard work you had to put in!!! Good Luck!
  11. by   Clementine01
    Hi everyone! I also got into the Bon Secours fall 2011 program. Does anyone know how many people were admitted?
  12. by   emmm90
    I think like 62 people were admitted because the emails I have received so far about admission and financial aid, etc. are addressed to me and 61 others. But I am so excited! Where are yall going to take your CPR class?
  13. by   RubberDuckie
    I'm not sure-- I was thinking about the red cross or at J. Sarg-- I think the red cross is the way I'm going to go. I've been certified for years (lifeguarding) but my certification is up. It's $85 and it's right near where I live (downtown).