Are you applying to the May 2011 RN program at MCI VA BEACH????

  1. Anyone out there applying to the RN program at the Virginia Beach MCI campus? My older sister just graduated from MCI and has already landed her first job! The wait to see if I am accepted or not is absolutely killing me. Anyone else???
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  3. by   Bri'sMom09
    I'm applying for May. I'm a little worried that they aren't NLN accredited but this is my only option for finishing before we move away. The wait shouldn't be too much longer since everything is due in on March 22.
  4. by   Crystal2756
    Best of luck to you! Is your family military?

    Have you taken all of the pre-req classes? I am beginning both the chemistry (days) and computer(nights) course
    on April 4th. I had to overlap and do day/night courses on the same days in order to complete the courses in time.

    If you have any doubts about the education you would obtain at MCI call your adviser to see how the degree you earn here will transfer to wherever you are moving. You may need to contact the state to which you are moving in order to confirm or deny transferability.

    I am not a subject matter expert on MCI but I turn to my sister who just graduated with any questions- let me know if there is anything else you would like to know and I can ask her if she knows!
  5. by   Bri'sMom09
    Yes, we are military. Definitely don't plan on staying in Virginia. I emailed University of Central Florida to see if I would still be able to further my education with them and I'm checking on the requirements for the Florida licensure.

    I start the Chemistry on the 4th at night and I'm ****** about it. I have already taken regular chem and right now I'm in the chem for health professions at TCC. But since I take the final for that on the 6th and start MCI on the 9th they want me to just take thiers. I am not happy at all that sometimes I'll be spending all day away from home as I'm already a full time student.
  6. by   Crystal2756
    I completely understand the military and being thrown from one place to another. My husband was in the Navy Seabees for 5 years and we spent a long time in California. We are originally from here though, so we plan to stay

    That stinks you have to take the 2 chemistry courses- hopefully they will coincide with each other and the MCI version will end up being a breeze for you.

    Have you already gone in for your interview with the Director of Nursing?
  7. by   Bri'sMom09
    I haven't done the inerview yet, but I think it should go well. Did you go in for yours yet?
  8. by   Crystal2756
    I have not been contacted to schedule an interview as of yet. I am turning in my essay and letters of rec. today. I am cutting it close with the deadline since I didn't want to officially apply until I was 100% sure we had childcare for our kids.

    if accepted are you doing the day or night class?
  9. by   Bri'sMom09
    I want to do days. Nights would mean not paying $500 a month for child care but I wouldn't be able to stand doing nights and weekend clinicals...I would NEVER see my husband. I turned in all my stuff on Monday as well and my financial aid appointment is tomorrow. I'm feeling a little better about it because I got a letter from the school I want to go to saying all I need in order to do their RN to BSN is and ASN degree and pass the NCLEX.
  10. by   Crystal2756
    I completely understand, my sister did the nights with weekend clinicals while working a full-time job and 2 step kids. We pretty much never saw her

    I feel the same, I would rather seem my family in the evenings and weekends and have the daycare cost. We are very fortunate though, my mom has offered to watch our 2 girls so I can go to school. When my husband got out of the military we had no idea how difficult this transition would end up being. I definitely lucked out with my mom's offer or otherwise I wouldn't be able to go back to school.

    I was waiting alllllll day for a call from MCI to schedule an interview- Hopefully sometime this week we will both find out. Do you remember how you did on the TEAS tests? I asked my adviser how they judge the applicants and she basically said it is on everything overall but I can't help but assume that previous college GPA's and test scores will play a large role as well.
  11. by   Bri'sMom09
    Scores will play a large roll and I'm sure previous grades might as well. I did pretty well on the TEAS. This was my second time taking it and my math and science both went up like 10 points now that I'm taking Chemistry again. My advisor almost makes it seem like some of the stuff is more of a formality than anything, but I'm really not sure. Have you had your financial aid appointment yet? What I gather is that they won't call you for an interview until after that. I guess they want to make sure you can pay the high cost before they go any further with you. I also found out today that they won't tell you if you're accepted until about 2 weeks before it starts. I wish they could give me a little more jtime than that, but I guess I'll have to pick out some classes at TCC just in case.
  12. by   Crystal2756
    Absolutely, I agree it does seem as if some of the steps are a formality. As far as acceptance, *supposedly* they may be giving 3 weeks notice to those who are accepted. I do know that previously it was 1-2 weeks before it began but that ended up causing a lot of childcare/work arrangements for people who were accepted. I really hope that 3 weeks turns out to be true instead.

    I certainly hope the TEAS and other GPA's play a great role in acceptance. I have heard from a few sources that of the 25 that start in either days or nights about half will fail out or fall behind! scary! I finished my financial aid last week- seeing the final # I will owe after the full 17 months was scary. At first it didn't seem so bad..... the number on the graph they gave me was what I assumed to be the total amount I would be getting a loan for- but that was just the first "academic" years worth of stuff.

    Have you heard about a program in Norfolk called Opportunity Inc? Apparently they will give you about $4,000 towards tuition and on top of that you would get 10% off your total tuition @ MCI. Basically $8,000 off! From what the financial aid lady told me you just go in to the Opp. Inc office in Norfolk 2 or 3 days for random workshops and then MCI gets the money. At the moment they are out of funding, but they told me to call back in July and check for an open spot.
  13. by   Bri'sMom09
    Hopefully it is the 3 weeks...I won't have childcare issues or anything, but I just hate no knowing. She said I can't even have an interview until I bring in my print out showing that I changed programs with my GI Bill. But I cant even really do that until the end of April or it will mess things up at TCC. Opportunity Inc. sounds like a good program. I just got out of the Navy in November, so I'm using my GI Bill. I feel very lucky to have that. If it wasn't for the $1500 a month they pay in a housing stipend I wouldn't be able to go back to school. I've heard that a lot a lot of people fail out too. I talked to a girl that was in the LPN program who said at the end there were only 3 of the original people left in the class.
  14. by   Crystal2756
    that is great that you are using the GI bill! My husband is using his at TCC and that is the only reason we are staying afloat right now. The transition from military to non-military is very scary- we had no clue it would be this terrible. We weren't completely clueless, just didn't expect the job market to be so terrible. The GI bill is so great!

    Hopefully , my interview is scheduled soon. I also hate not knowing- it's always on the back of my mind. Pursuing a career as an RN will truly change our situation and I've honestly never been so excited about anything. But of course- I'm very scared about all the hours studying it will take to accomplish this.