Anyone applying to Bon Secours Fall 2014?

  1. Hi, I just finished taking the TEAS and am applying to the Bon Secours 2014 Fall program. Anyone else applying and if so, how did you do on the TEAS? It's really exciting and with that comes being anxious too..........
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  3. by   nursewithgrace
    @Supermom1 I've applied for Fall at Bon Secours! I'm pretty antsy, but only because I've had all my materials in for about a month now. How did you like the TEAS? I took it at the end of January and got an 88 (adjusted, 98th percentile). I have a previous bachelor's degree, but in business. Really hoping the next 7 weeks go by quickly because I would love to go to Bon Secours!
  4. by   Supermom1
    Yea, I'm definitely antsy to say the least. With a previous bachelors and 88 on the TEAS, pretty sure you will get in. I did OK on the TEAS with an 81. I'm retaking next Monday to try and improve my science portion. I have past grades that are haunting me from 20 plus years ago. I've asked that they absolve those so we will see how that goes. Stay in touch and hopefully others can weigh in and see how they feel about all of this! Good luck!!!!
  5. by   Supermom1
    Do you have any of the science pre-requisites finished?
    I am very curious to see how the entire group of candidates did as a whole. I spoke with someone at BSMSON and they told me close to 200 take the TEAS, half don't pass and of the 100 left, 80 are accepted. That sounds encouraging to me, but again, those old (20+years) bad grades are haunting me. I really wanna go to Bon Secours as I would like to get my Bachelors as opposed to AD. 7 weeks is a long time........fingers crossed for both of us.
  6. by   nursewithgrace
    With your TEAS score (even though you're re-taking it) I think you'll do fine! I know that they factor that in considerably, at least that's how they made it seem! They even said two people got in last year with 2.5/2.6 GPAs because they scored so high on the TEAS. And if your grades are from that long ago, they shouldn't bring you down to terribly, especially with your high TEAS score!

    I have all my first year requirements done (all in previous degree), but have to take A&P 1&2, and likely BIO. I had BIO 101 6 years ago this fall, so I'm hoping they'll accept it since I have a BS and not a BA. But I may see if I can CLEP test out of BIO altogether! I took Developmental Psychology this past fall, but other than that, I'll be starting from the second year courses. You could always re-take the 'bad grade' classes over again! Summer is long, and plenty of time to catch up and do grade replacements before fall semester begins, hoping you get in!

    I know what you mean about the chances of getting accepted--when I heard the numbers at the info session, I got pretty excited, but they did mention they'll take about 85 from the 100 they cut out from 200+ that apply. I would love to start in the fall, but if I'm not accepted I'll apply again after taking summer classes to improve my GPA. I just finished my CNA course, so I can always do that until I get into school!

    I'll keep in touch and I really hope we both get in! The deadline is so close, I'm getting excited, but definitely still nervous!!
  7. by   Supermom1
    I appreciate the kind words as I am feeling pretty hopeless at this point. I hadn't really considered an 81 on the TEAS to be "high". I guess given the numbers that half don't even pass, I should feel lucky. I have retaken all of the bad grades and now have a 4.0 in them so hopefully that means a lot. I could technically start as a Junior and I'm hoping they take into consideration I worked for St. Mary's here in Richmond in the main OR and have 15+ years experience already in surgery (mostly working 2 jobs). I was the Neurosurgical coordinator at my old hospital for years and have worked in all areas of surgery. I hope that works in my favor. I really want to go to school here.

    If I'm not accepted, I am going to go ahead and apply to the JSRCC program and am taking the Kaplan in 2 weeks as a back up. I'm really over testing as it is right in the middle of my other classes and I don't wanna jeopardize my GPA at this point. I am going to go ahead and take Ethics and Statistics in the summer just to knock them out. I loved summer classes last year as they were only once a week in the evenings. Yes, they are a long 4 hours, but the rest of my week is free to be with my kiddos!

    I'm really hoping we both get in, would be a real life changer for us......

    Deadline is almost here........keep me posted.
  8. by   nursewithgrace
    @Supermom1 with all of your healthcare experience, especially with a Bon Secours hospital, you have a HUGE leg up! Plus, with a 4.0, you'll be at the top of their list, I'm sure of it! And it took me a really long time to realize that having an 88 on the TEAS was a good score. I'm one of those that feels like anything less than an A is failing, but seeing as most people on the TEAS score in the 60s and 70s (for that adjusted individual score), being in the 80's is certainly helpful.

    Since you've already taken the TEAS, have you considered John Tyler, if you don't get into Bon Secours? That's where I'll apply if I don't get in. JTCC has a MUCH better program from what I've heard and read.

    Taking summer classes is smart, I'm tempted to take a full course load this summer, but if I do that, I won't have enough credits to be full time as I'll be starting with the nursing courses right away. Deadline is tomorrow, I can't wait for the next six weeks to pass. Let me know when you get in!!!!
  9. by   Supermom1
    Hi, I have considered John Tyler but understood you need to be a current student of their's to apply. Maybe things have changed and I do plan on talking with their counselor this week. I wanted to get the Kaplan out of the way as a backup since I feel I am at peak knowledge, if you will......I have no plans of ever doing Algebraic equations ever again! Again, I appreciate the encouraging words; for some reason, I just can't get out of my head that all of these young girls coming out of High School have a better chance than I do. We shall see and I am hoping that my experience weighs in, it's just a little hard (on the ego) coming back after a hiatus of being a stay at home mother. I wouldn't change a thing however, as being a mother I have learned more than any university could ever teach. Hoping that maturity plays a role in their decision making also. I hope other candidates know about this website, it's really cool and hopefully they will post their results/feelings also. It's just nice to know we are all similar.. best of luck.
  10. by   Supermom1
    Well, I just retook the TEAS and raised my Science by 11% so I am pretty happy. It's the only section I retested, and of course, now I wish I would've gone ahead and taken the English usage over. Anyway, overall, I have an 84% Individual and that's all I could ask for. I am a busy full-time student, single mom and have just the right amount of time to study, etc. I will keep my fingers crossed and go from there........(still have serious concerns due to my age and past grades). Looking forward to seeing how others did......
  11. by   nursewithgrace
    Congrats on raising your science score!! That's excellent! Will they use the new score for your application?

    I've ve been checking my application status obsessively and they finally changed everything on my checklist to "yes" as of yesterday. This means they must be evaluating candidates!

    Hopefully we hear before the end of April, I need to determine which classes to take this summer!
  12. by   Supermom1
    Thanks! Apparently, they use the highest of the scores on each section. That's the only section I retested on so hopefully that matters. It raised me to an 84% or something close (as it is "adjusted"). We are supposed to be hearing by end of April........
  13. by   nursewithgrace
    I had no idea we could re-take individual sections!!! I wish I had known that, I would have re-taken my reading section. It was my lowest, unusual for me, as on standardized tests, that's typically my highest scoring section. I bet you feel a bit more comfortable with your higher score!

    I still can't believe how many applicants they have. AND that we have to wait another two weeks beyond the original date to find out if we're accepted or not.

    Still trying to figure out a contingency plan, as I really don't want to go the ADN route. Thinking post-bac pre-med and medical school if nursing school isn't in the cards this year!
  14. by   HopefulNeonatalNurse
    Hey! I am currently a 2nd semester sophomore at bsmcon. It seems like they are accepting more applicants each year because there are about 60 something ppl in my graduating class and that was a big stretch from the year before me which i think only had half that. So looking at your teas scores it seems you have pretty good chances. And for supermom, there are a couple of "older" students in my classes (40's /50's) and for gracejeter there are some straight out of high school.. so I don't think education level plays a factor.. I had average grades in college but took prereqs before applying and I think the improvement in my grades helped my chances a lot.. you do have to retake BIO if it has been over 5 years since you took it but you might be able to CLEP out of it.. I know that A&P is required for the NUR courses but mine got transferred over so I am not sure if that is a 2 semester class or not.. The BIO classes are 2 semesters but I think they are offering BIO at BSMCON now and I think religion also, so i am not sure how all of that works.. but I am praying you both get in.. I love it here