Advice for new grad in VB/Norfolk area

  1. Any advice on finding a new grad job in the VB/Norfolk area? I recently moved to VB from PA where I just graduated in April with my BSN from Pitt. Passed my nclex a few weeks ago and have my VA license.

    I have been applying relentlessly for months and months without a single interview or call. I'm getting a little desperate here! Any one have any advice, connections or info on the RN job market in the area?!

    Anything will help, let me know if you would like more info

    Thanks! Lacie
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  3. by   christypol
    Hampton Roads is rough on New Grads...keep applying, going to job fairs...etc...took me 9 months to get a call which turned into an interview and a new job (hospital full time). I graduated in December, passed NCLEX on February and finally got a job in august...the Market is tight around here...those desperate for jobs are accepting LTC, psych, or dialysis centers...yes RN new grads are everywhere...this area has about 8 schools of nursing.
  4. by   koloa27
    Did you ever end up finding anything in this area? I just recently moved here and I am going through the same thing and wondered if you had any luck at finding anything or advice.
  5. by   fetch
    Koloa, you might want to try contacting Maxim nursing. Right now they're doing their flu clinics and are hiring some extra people, it could get your foot in the door.

    Just like Christypol said, it takes a while in this area. Lots of hospitals, but also lots of nursing schools. Try thinking outside the box - there's plasma centers, lots of home health care, etc.
  6. by   laciej03
    Koloa27 i ended up getting a job a SNGH after going to a job fair, it was the only way i ended up getting interviews. Keep an eye out for Sentara job fairs, youll get to meed the managers and set up interviews. Good luck!