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Hello accepted GMU 2ND DEGREE BSN students. Congrats to you all. I also applied to the program but I havn't heard anything. My first degree GPA was 3.12 while my prerequisite GPA was 3.5. Can you pls... Read More

  1. by   vwde
    Wow, we got almost the exact same score. Since they're taking TEAS scores with the application now, I don't know if it has weight on your entry position or not. When I applied, they wanted the TEAS test to be taken only after you had been accepted so you took it in their computer lab. They said it had absolutely no impact on anything. The only thing it was useful for was determining where your math abilities lay since pharmacology is pretty mathematically intense. They said something like (I didn't really pay attention, I was just glad to be out of remedial range) they would know that you needed more math practice through ATI or something. I wouldn't worry about your score, other than being proud of it! Good job! Did they talk about how they rate your application? Is the essay still high on the list?
  2. by   RDHVCU
    When I went to the info session they basically said they look at everything. From the way they were talking they seemed to place more weight on the TEAS and what pre-reqs you had completed since that gives them a better idea of the kind of academic person you are. They were very discouraging at the info session. I don't know if they get alot of unqualified applicants but the man conducting the session seemed very negative. However the other people with the program were very nice. I was just frustrated b.c I had taken nutrition in hygiene school and they said they wouldn't accept it and I had to retake it over. I also took comparative anatomy (which is human/vertebrate) and they basically told me I needed to take the regular again. Its just the fact I have to pay more money to retake what I basically did but oh well.

    I have applied to 3 other schools as well but I really hope I get in here. What did you get your original bachelor's in?

    This is the powerpoint from the info session I went to
  3. by   vwde
    That's funny. They were very discouraging when I went to the info session as well. And yes, they do have a lot of unqualified applicants and a very low acceptance rate. And they are also very selective about the classes you have taken for pre-reqs. In their defense, they have to be though. There are people in this program who have met all of the qualifications and gotten in and are really smart, but still having a really rough time. Don't get me wrong, it's hard on ALL of us but some people are having a harder time. I can see how, if you may have missed something by taking another type of anatomy class, which I haven't so I have no idea, you would be at a REAL disadvantage. Also, this whole program is focused on physiology and pathophysiology so you need a REALLY strong footing in anatomy and physiology. That may be why - but again, I've never taken a comp. anatomy class so I wouldn't know what you know.

    My original degree is in Natural Sciences and Mathematics but like I said, the majority of the class doesn't have healthcare training/experience. Also, a friend and I have talked to one of the professors and relayed our idea that the absolute BEST thing someone could do to prepare for this program would be to get some sort of healthcare experience. Working as a patient care tech in a hospital usually requires no experience but you get a broad range of knowledge. That experience, coupled with a great footing in human physiology, seems to be serving people the best.

    Oh, good idea on applying to other schools. I've heard Georgetown makes you a shoe-in for NCLEX and jobs, and Shenandoah's popularity is also growing.
  4. by   RDHVCU
    I am a dental hygienist so I work with patients everyday. When I was in school the classes/clinics were rigourous too. It was basically every week day 8-5 (or longer). Its like a job and a half! So I feel I do know what school will be like (basically you have no life other than school). Hopefully that'll count for something. I was on the admissions committee for my DH school and we had the same thing with alot of applicants that were unqualified, so I do understand their logic about not getting peoples hopes up.

    Atleast you have a science/math background. I'm sure that helps alot. Do you find the professors are helpful and really want you to do well? Also if you don't mind me asking what was your GPA when you applied and where did you go to school at?

    I really liked the fact Georgetown has a 80% reimbursement program for tuition if you work for the hospital for 3 yrs after...but then again you have to foot the bill at first :cringe: I really liked the fact with Mason you were done in 1 yr. I feel the biggest hurdle is getting into the school. I hate the waiting game.
  5. by   vwde
    The professors are EXTREMELY helpful. From day one, they tell you over and over to come to them at the first sign of distress and not to wait until you're in over your head. I know plenty of people who have gone to the professors at really tough times and have been helped. They won't do anything about the grades, but they will tell you where you need to focus and what you can do. If there's one thing about this program, you'll meet some of the best professors, both in knowledge and in character, that you'll ever have the privilege of meeting.

    I was in the military for the last nine years so I went to many, many schools. I ended up having to compile credits everytime I moved so I ended up 12 credits away from my BA at Thomas Edison State (GPA: 3.9). I also have an AGS from a community college in CO (GPA: 4.0), and a Graduate Certificate from Notre Dame (GPA: 4.0). I've been everywhere, geographically and academically. I would like to think that served me in getting accepted here. Also, they had said, at the time I was admitted, GPA was much lower on the list. I don't think that helped me as much as my essay. I spent a lot of time on that and had some english major friends of mine proof it a few times.
  6. by   RDHVCU
    That is good to hear that they are helpful and encourage you to come to them. I just wanted to make sure if I get in and go there that I won't have to look forward to the way it was in the info session!

    That reassures me to hear that you have schooling from many different types of schools (CC, 4 yr universities). I have most of my credits from 2 different 4 yr colleges and some from CC's as well. I just hoped that wouldn't weigh against me!