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This is only tangentially related to Anesthesia, but I've posted in the VA forum and the general forum and got little to no response. I know that there a lot of folks here who went (or go) to VCU so I'm hoping that you can help me out.

I'm considering relocating to Richmond VA after graduation (ADN). I'm looking for any info about the VCU hospital, particularly Trauma/Critical Care. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I've looked on their website, but I'd like to hear from nurses on the ground.

I'm interested in getting some experience and then applying to CRNA school and, from what I've seen, VCU's program would probably be my 1st choice.

Also, does anyone know about this new Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice degree that they're talking about?




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I went to VCU for NP school. Here are my thoughts:

-Really enjoyed living in Richmond. Supposedly the crime rate is up there, but I spent many nights walking to the (far away) parking lot after dark and had no problems. There is a lot of history, and a lot of tourist things to do locally and regionally (sorry you CRNA folks, my program afforded me lots of spare time).

-I worked in the cardiac surgery ICU. It was a great place to work. The surgery/trauma unit next door was OK (I floated there a couple of times), but I personally hate trauma (after the initial buzz is gone...then you have a pooping gomer).

-I visited the CRNA program, got an interview--then cancelled cause my mom wanted me to come to Charlotte. The VCU CRNA program is second to none, sorry to say the NP program at the nursing school isn't all that hot. Luckily they have nothing to do with each other.

In other words...go fo it!


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I worked in the General Surgery/Trauma ICU at VCU back about 12yrs ago and then got accepted to the anesthesia program. I loved that unit. Always something different going on, not the same ole, same ole you'll find in CSICU or CCU. And as far as "pooping gomers :() we got some of those from CSICU when they got their sternal infections and they needed a bed b/c new hearts were coming out. I enjoyed the VCU experince alot though not sure how it's changed since I've been there.

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