Vintage Nursing school pins

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Anyone collect vintage nursing school pins? I have 2 "mystery pins" and one I'm thinking about buying. One is an Art Deco golt diamond with blue enamel with the initials jBh. The second one is a gold styalizedmaltese like cross ontop of a larger maltese cross with the letters jHc written in gold on black enamel in the center of the smaller cross. This pin is from 1933 and the other is from 1949. The pin I'm thinking of buying is a shield with black enamel on gold with the letters SJH at the top of the shield and a red cross below it. The gold shield is surrounded by seed pearls (seed pearls were popular on pins in the '30s) If any of these pins sound familiar to you PLEASE let me know. Thanks


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I have thought of having a collection of pins; the school I attended gave me a loner at graduation...I'm not spending tons of $$$ on something that looks like it came from walmart!

I agree regarding the vintage ones, wow impressive! Ebayers alerted....



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Sorry, I can't help to identify these, but what a cool idea for a collection!

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