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Villanova BSNExpress or Jefferson FACT?

by tbl18 tbl18 Member


I am in the process of applying to accelerated bsn programs. I have my top two programs (jeff and nova) picked and have gotten an interview with nova scheduled for late august. I was wondering what people thought about both of these programs and why you would choose or have chosen one over the other.

Additionally, if anyone can give any interview tips (mainly for nova bc its so soon!) i would really appreciate it. Also, how long after the interview do they usually let you know of their decision?


Hello! Congratulations on the interview! I'm currently at the BSNExpress program at Nova so I may be a bit biased..but I'll tell you that Nova nurses have a fabulous reputation in the Philly area. We're doing our first clinical rotation now, and I've heard multiple times from different people on our clinical floor (doctors, nurses, techs) how much they love Villanova nurses.

Our professors pride themselves on teaching thorough assessment skills, which you will learn is a pretty important foundation for nursing. We're known to be very professional, polite, and work hard. I heard one RN say to another when we got to the floor the first week "Oh, these are the students that actually work!"

I truly don't know much about Jeff's program, I didn't apply. I actually applied to Villanova one day past the deadline (whoops) because I was set on going to DeSales, but I'm from the Philly area so I decided Nova would be a better fit. So since I applied late, I actually did a Skype interview and was told very quickly that I was accepted. The interview is just generic interview etiquette. Be prepared for questions like "Why us?" "Why do you think you're a good candidate?" etc.

Good luck with your decision! If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask!

Thanks so much! I have two friends in the program as well and they cannot say anything bad about the program. I was leaning more towards Jefferson at first, but after more research I think i am definitely leaning towards Nova because of the breaks, the reputation, and I have just heard better things about the faculty and organization of the program. Thank you and good luck with the rest of your 14 months :)