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Hello! I will be starting at the VA this month and I just want to get some feedback from any VA employees here about the VA facility they're working at right now. I know there's an old thread with similar question but unfortunately, outdated. I will be working in the ER and I really don't know what to expect. It's been a grueling process to get cleared and most of my motivation now to accept the offer is that I did so much work to get all my paperwork done that I can't turn down the job anymore! So ladies and gents, what do you think about the VA? Do health benefits start right away? thank you!

Well, I probably cannot help much because I'm only a nursing student. Though, I did one of my med-surg clinicals at a VA near my school. For this clinical we went to the med-surg unit (obviously), the ED, and the ICU. All I have to say is that it is a lot slower than regular hospitals bc they only have a very limited and specific population there. There were patients here, but not as many and not as critical (even in the ICU!). One of the nurse recruiters came to speak to us, and from what I can remember the benefits are supreme and days off were numerous! I think that's one of the main reasons people decide to work at VA hospitals.

Hi and congratulations!! I work a VA in the mid-west as an LPN (soon to be RN). I love working for the VA. It is a lot different then the regular health care systems, there is alot to learn on how it works. For me the salary is alright, but the benefits are second to none. More the retirement then any thing. The give 1% towards your 401K and will match up to an additional 3%, you will also qualify for a Federal Employee retirement on top of any possible social security. I do not get medical insurance, but do get vision and Dental which started pretty quick if I remember right. I also receive 4 hours of sick and 4 hour of personal time every pay period (2wks) and that will increase the longer you work for them. If you are an RN your stuff may be a little better. There is also a Union for Nurses if you are in to that. Well I hope I answered some of your questions, Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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