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Someone in CA board of nursing mentioned to me that you can work in Veteran Affairs as RN if you hold a license from ANY state. If i apply in CA with a nevada license, can i apply flat out straight or do i have to be employed in the veterans i.e. lateral transfer to work in CA?


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What the representative was telling you was that the Department of Veteran Affairs is a Federal agency, and therefore as long as an applicant holds a valid RN license it doesn't matter which State issued it.

To work at VA, you will need to go through the same application/boarding process as anyone, regardless of the location you are in. You can only move from one VA to another if there is a job opening for the job you want in the location you want at the time you want to go. And then you apply, like everyone else. However, if you were an employee in good standing, you'd obviously have an edge. In the end, it's up to the hiring manager who they hire, whether it's an internal applicant at the very same facility, an applicant from another VA, or an applicant from the outside world.

Good luck!