Veteran Nurses Please Help!!!

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I am a junior nursing student in Georgia and I am working on a group presentation on Chronic Renal Insufficiency. I have looked through my books, and everything there is about Chronic Renal Failure. So, is there any websites that you all can point out for me to look and get some GOOD research off of. Any help will be much appreciated!



Doey, BSN, RN

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I don't know if this will help you or not, but try this site: If nothing else it mught give you lniks to other sites. Since you already looked through your books and other things, is there specific info. you need or want?

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purplemania, BSN, RN

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Have you called your local dialysis center? Ours has a small library. Perhaps you can reference their material ( I doubt you can take books home) and talk to a nurse there about periodicals, etc. Good luck.

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