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Has anyone graduated their program? Is it like MSU where you have to take specific classes each semester and it is a set amount of time? After pre-requisites, how many semesters of classes are there? I've spoken to a secretary and she doesn't seem to have much information.



Hey Catherine,

I graduated from the generic RN program at Vernon in May 11'. The program does have specific classes you take each semester. After pre-reqs there are 5 semesters before graduation. You are required to take Pharmacology during the summer but it's not that bad b/c it only meets one day a week. When I got into the program I was ready to take care of business and get out so this was exactly what I was looking for. It had already taken me so long to get past all the dreaded pre-reqs. :no:

Additional info I have on VC is that it is a great program. You become so close with your class mates and everyone helps each other, it's like a family. (Of course this may not be how every class of students is but my graduating class was like this.) The instructors are awesome, they really want you to succeed and want to help. Talk to **********, she is (or was) the nursing secretary @ the college and she was a God sent as far as helping get my ducks in a row to get in.

I cant say anything bad about the MSU program b/c I never went there but I can say that the nurses at the hospital always liked Vernon students because we were pushed by our instructors to seek out opportunities to learn. There was always at least one instructor around during our clinical as opposed to MSU instructors who just sent their students to the floor without any instructor.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about VC- maybe I can help.


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