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Hello All. I am considering relocating to Vermont and was hoping some of you might have come through the LPN/ADN programs at Vermont Technical College. I'm looking for some guidance as to which... Read More

  1. by   tqbotu
    Hi qhilldogs-Can I ask you a question about the ADN program? I was accepted into the Williston site for next fall and I'm wondering what the nursing courses are like (Prin & Prac IV and V). Are they similar to the ones we took during the LPN year (as far as workload)? Do they involve any projects (like a paper or oral report)? I'm trying to figure out how much I'll be able to work if I end up going. Thank you!
  2. by   qhilldogs
    Well i have 2 anwsers to this question. As a faculty member I am to recomend you do not work.
    As a fellow/former student you will have time to work a limited schedule if you are very good at time management. You wil be doing case studies and there is a fair amount of reading, however with that said if you are a praticing nurse and have been for several years in a position that has reuired you to use critical thinking you will be ok. Micro is a hard class and I recomend taking that this summer if you can. Did I anwser your question? Michelle
  3. by   tqbotu
    Thank you, I really appreciate the advice :-) I am planning on taking the Micro course this summer, and I have finished all other required courses except the nursing classes, so I"m hoping that will make it as easy as possible for me. It is good to hear from people who have finished the program and are successful. As a former student, can you tell me what the case studies involve? And one more you remember what the tests/grading are like for the Principles/Practices courses? Thanks much :-)
  4. by   Ophelia99
    Belatd reply, I'm currently in the ADN program at VTC at the Williston campus...this is a very good program, the instructors are very knowledgeable...have been in the nursing field for years...we start clinicals the third week of our first year, which I believe is a very important part of the program, what better way to learn and apply knowledge than in the professional setting. The Williston campus is affiliated with Fletcher Allen, a teaching hospital. Any specific questions just give me a shout...
  5. by   tqbotu
    Its been a while but maybe I can ask you a few specific questions about the ADN program? By now you're probably about to finish :-) I'm hoping to attend this coming fall. I only need to take Prin. and Prac. 4 and 5 and the LPN to RN Transition class, along with clinicals. Any idea how many days a week this would be? I can't seem to get answers from faculty. Also, within those classes, what is involved? Is just reading and tests like the others or are there papers/projects/presentations involved? What are the instructors like? Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out!
  6. by   qhilldogs
    I can tell you that clincal days are 2x per week and days will not be known until closer to fall. The classes will include papers and projects. you will have 1 or 2 days off per week if you only need the above classes. Each campus sets it's own class schedule. Hope this helps!
  7. by   Ophelia99
    Hi again,
    I had the same classes that you'll be taking...first semester class was one day per week and clinicals were one day per week...the first semester is pretty sweet...second semester classes are two days per week and clinicals as well (two days per week). During the second semester we had quite a few independent projects like, papers, a case study, logs (a personal eval tool used for clinicals)'s more than do-able though, it seems a little daunting when reading the schedule, but it really isn't bad...I've worked full time both years. Keep the faith, it's worth the work!! I'm very happy I did this...and VTC has an excellent program!
  8. by   dalgal
    Hi you know if the PN program has the same set up? I'm just starting this fall but have all my prereqs out of the way...any info would be appreciated...I've been accepted into the Newport site...
  9. by   smilinbReN
    Quote from goodspiritsRN
    tqbotu - I attended vermont tech this past year and just graduated in June of 07. The LPN course is 10 1/2 months. 3 semesters and the RN program is 2 semesters. So far everyone that has taken the exam has passed. They have a 100% pass rate. If you have any further questions please ask me. Good Luck.
    I just got accepted into the Middlebury campus. I have an opportunity to change my work schedule in the next couple of days but won't shortly as they will be hiring someone to take the open position. Do you have some idea what the hours are? I currently would be able to work Fri., Sat., and Sun. night shift 11:00 p.m. - 7:30 a.m. I like working nights. I realize the Sunday night might cause a problem due to Monday classes but will deal with that when it happens. I will be driving 45 mins. to school so need an idea of what I'm in for.

    Thanks! B
  10. by   qhilldogs
    Congrats on your acceptance

    I am sorry I can not help you with the schedule on that campus. you can try contacting the campus and ask them if they have a tentive schedule for next fall yet. I can tell you there is fall orientation on the randolph campus Fri Aug 21 2009 all day.

  11. by   smilinbReN
    Thanks for the congrats. I did ask and they said I will have to wait until orientation. I can't imagine the schedules change all that much. Just tell me what your schedule was so I can get some idea. I know they vary a little but just need some working idea.


  12. by   smilinbReN
    p.s. did you get a job yet?

  13. by   dalgal
    Quote from qhilldogs
    Congrats on your acceptance

    I am sorry I can not help you with the schedule on that campus. you can try contacting the campus and ask them if they have a tentive schedule for next fall yet. I can tell you there is fall orientation on the randolph campus Fri Aug 21 2009 all day.

    Congrats on your acceptance! I too was wondering about the schedule (but I'm going to be at the Newport site)... and I'll be at the orientation in August too. Michelle, did you like the program? Did you feel ready when you finished?
    Thanks, Sharon
    P.S. what's in the student kit we have to order for the fall?