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Anyone other MEPN applicants on here? I applied for fall '11 entry and was recently told the program coordinators were trying to decide whether to do interviews this year or not and it was still up... Read More

  1. by   wannabefnp
    Has anyone out there received ANYTHING from UVM yet?
    Does anyone dare to call??? I am tempted, but scared to get bad news...
    I want to assume that the decisions have not been made yet but I heard from a current student in the program that decisions were made weeks ago (she heard from a faculty member). The silence on the blog is deafening! If it is true that offer letters went out weeks ago, where is all the meet and greet chatter, chat about deposits being due, and waiting to hear from other schools? Where are all the "acceptees"? Maybe they just are not blogging? Supporting this theory, there is also a new "friend" on the UVM MEPN 2011 facebook page, which I think you have to be invited to join...so this might mean the decisions are in fact out? EEKS! I may have to call today before I am consumed by curiosity!
  2. by   vls09
    Not a word. And yes, it is very strange - no update on their website, no email update, etc., even though decisions were made 3 weeks ago at the end of January (according to their timeline). But I figure no news is better than bad news. It is possible they have admitted a "first round" and are waiting to find out who declines before they reject or waitlist everyone else. Who knows, they might have even interviewed this year, just not anyone posting on this board since none of us have heard anything. Just a guess.
  3. by   StarofLifeRN
    I just sent them an email. I'll post when I hear back!
  4. by   vtfnp
    Hi all-
    I created the MEPN 2011 facebook page
    Yes, one person requested to be a friend and I accepted her, but she has not posted anything yet and we have not had a conversation. No one else has asked to join. So far it is myself (admitted last year and deferred this year), UVM CHNS and this other person.
    Last year I called the graduate college to ask when decisions had been mailed out and they let me know. They get the decisions and mail them, so they have the best information about when they have gone out in the mail.

    Again, for those of you who do get in, please look-up UVM MEPN 2011 in facebook and request to be part of the group.

    I wish you all luck. I understand how frustrating this process is.
  5. by   StarofLifeRN
    So the message I got back from UVM is not encouraging:

    "Acceptance and wait-list letters have been sent via email already. Denial letters, if they have not been sent already, will be sent sometime this week."

    And it was signed, "Have a nice day, CNHS Team"

    I didn't receive an email, so I'm assuming no news is now bad news. :-( I would love to hear from people who did get accepted what their stats were. My plan is to try again next year, but I'm hoping to figure out where my shortfalls are...
  6. by   vls09
    you are not alone. It is now Feb 18th and I still haven't received any word at all; I called the graduate school yesterday and was told that my decision letter had not been mailed and had not even been scanned yet by the school. At the time I did not understand what "scanned" meant and I had assumed they would snail mail me something - since the last few years it appears they sent snail mail letters and I'd not heard anything about emailed decisions.

    I am guessing initial decisions were made and went out several weeks ago. I mentioned I knew someone who got in as early as 3 weeks ago. It is very odd that no one on this board has heard anything - I am just as confused but it appears if accepted/waitlisted decisions have gone out, those of us who haven't heard anything by this point have been rejected.
  7. by   wannabefnp
    vls09 & crs249, I am so sorry. This process is so tough!
    I also e-mailed them yesterday and got a response back that I am one of three people on the waitlist.
  8. by   vls09
    I also e-mailed them yesterday and got a response back that I am one of three people on the waitlist.
    Congratulations for at least getting on the waitlist and good luck - all the best
  9. by   StarofLifeRN
    Congrats on getting that far! What's interesting is that they told me emails had already gone out, but you didn't get one about your status until you sent an inquiry yesterday. It's so strange that there is NO chatter anywhere about acceptances. I'd love to think there's just a glitch in communication somewhere, but I know that's just me trying to cope with the disappointment.

    I sent a reply asking if there was anything I could do to strengthen my application for next year. I'm certain it wasn't my academic credentials (I already have a master's degree with a 4.0 GPA), and I know my references were solid. I suspect my lack of science background was a problem, which is easily fixed in a year if that's the case. I hope they'll respond because if there's nothing I can do to make a difference in a year I'd like to know that as well so I can pursue an different path.

    Good luck to you, and post back when you hear for sure so we can either celebrate a success or commisserate together.
  10. by   wannabefnp
    vls09 and crs249: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm not sure if this is justified or not, but I do feel like I wouldn't have heard anything unless I inquired. Did you feel like that too? Perhaps they were on the verge of sending the e-mail when I e-mailed them...not sure. I'll keep you posted if I hear good news (or bad).

    So now, obviously, I would love to hear from anyone accepted to the program that is thinking of backing out Are there any accepted applicants out there who are still waiting for decisions from other schools? Anyone who might have second thoughts about moving to frigid Vermont? Please post if you are considering other options...I'm trying to plan my future Thanks!
  11. by   kmcg11
    Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted on here before, but I have also been waiting for a decision and haven't heard anything.

    I just called UVM (today) and asked whether decisions have been sent out yet. The woman I spoke to said "That process is underway right now and you should be getting something in the mail very shortly" so it sounds to me like decisions have NOT gone out yet. This would explain why we haven't heard anything about acceptances. :P Still crossing my fingers.
  12. by   vls09
    thanks for the info - that explains why I have not heard anything. I hope the first person who actually hears something definitive (reject or accept) will post on here; I think it is fair to say everyone on here is in a similar situation. Good luck again to everyone
  13. by   wannabefnp
    Good luck to everyone...I am hopeful that we all will hear good news soon.