Vent -- Prep work


I just need to vent... I have been working on prep work since 9am today on four simulation patients. I was so excited, finally at 11:40pm I was ready to turn everything in... went to go turn it in - I had done prep on patients A, B, H and I and prep was due on patients O and P!! :eek:

Granted, my prep work for next week is done. And it is only two more patients, who are both less difficult then the four I originally prepped on. But what little sleep I was going to get just went right out the window. Not the first time, but I like to be well rested for simulations.

:yawn: All right... better get started!

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I *HATED* prep work, because it took forever to do...but that's how you learn! thankfully, prep work ended halfway through our junior year...can't do it on an OB patient because they might have their baby after you do all of that work! we also didn't do prep work in psych, critical care (too unstable), public health (no point), peds and precepting (because let's face it, in the real world when you're a grown-up nurse, you don't do prep work).