VCU Traditional B.S Fall 2018

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Hey guys!

Starting this forum for everyone who applied to the Traditional B.S program at VCU. I haven't seen any pages on the internet for this so here you go!

Post questions/comments or whatever you'd like!

I applied for this program and am anxiously waiting to hear back. I am finishing my first year at community college and have all prereqs but was nervous because I did not have final grades for some of them yet. I had a 4.0 in high school and applied for guranteed admissions last year and was rejected. I'm starting a CNA class in a few weeks but there was no place to put that on the application and I feel like the application really did not highlight my strengths which worries me. I currently have a 3.78 in college and I've been working for many different families as a nanny this past year. Overall I am not feeling great but would love to hear how I can improve my application.

I'm so nervous to hear back too! I'm currently finishing up my last year in community college with an associate of science. I've taken all the prereqs with all A's so im hoping that's going to help me out! The only experience I have is volunteering at INOVA hospital. I'm worried that I don't have enough experience to help me stand out :/ The CNA class will definitely help you out! I think the more clinical experience the better chance you have of getting in. Having good recommendation letters is also a plus.

I applied too, and I am waiting to hear back. It is making me feel so anxious/ nervous because if I don't get in, it will delay me a whole year. I am a freshman and this is my first time applying. I have a 3.9 college gpa so far at VCU, and I have taken all of the prerequisites except for Anatomy, which I will do during the summer.

Just curious but who did you get to do your healthcare recommendation?

Also curious about personal statements

Just curious but who did you get to do your healthcare recommendation?

I believe it was just a professional reference and an academic one. My boss wrote my professional one and my anatomy teacher wrote my academic one!

I am really nervous because while I have 6 years of CNA experience, a lot of volunteer experience, and

recommendations from my nursing manager at VCU and anatomy professor.. My overall GPA right now is a 3.2

because during my first couple of years in college, my mom suffered a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed

and died from sepsis due to an infected pressure ulcer so my grades were not good. Since returning back to school though, my

GPA is now a 3.8 at the community college and I explained in my personal statement why my grades were good

at first and how my mother's experience with drugs and mental issues had a MAJOR impact on my career choice

so I can only hope that all that helps with my application.

aew1291, you sound like a great candidate!! I think you have a very higher chance of getting in regardless of your GPA. As long as you explained the events that lead to that and they see that you are improving they will like that! You also have tons of experience so I don't see why they wouldn't offer you admission!

You are totally right! I got confused because for guaranteed admissions you needed a healthcare recommendation but this application was just a professional one. I am dying for decisions to be released.

Just 4 more days!!

Hi! I submitted an application as well. I have been a CNA for almost two years now. I have a 3.3 and really hope my experience draws me in. I'm extremely nervous and check my statuses everyday. I have 2 finals on the day that we find out and I won't be checking until afterwards so I go in with a clean conscience. Good luck to everyone who has applied!!!!

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