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I was recently admitted to the FNP Specialty program at Vanderbilt. I was wondering if past graduates/those familiar with the program can give me some guidance regarding whether or not to move to the Nashville area. I know the FNP program only meets for blocks each month.. I am confused because I have the 'local' clinicals but those don't start until my Spring semester, and until then, the courses are online. Do most people move to the Nashville area for the Fall or do they move in the Spring? How often are clinicals? I'm just trying to get a sense of the workload, as I am trying to figure out if it is best to move to Nashville/live near my clinical site/ live in Nashville itself. I would appreciate any feedback!! Thanks!

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I was so excited to see this thread and then disapointed to see that there aren't any replies. I am admitted to the Pediatric Acute Care NP program and starting in the fall as well. My clinicals are local (I live in Eastern Michigan) and I plan to stay living in Michigan for the entirety of the program. Do you already have your BSN? Hope to hear from you!


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I am staring my pre specialty fnp year this fall. From what I have heard, doing blocks king distance is doable, but expensive. Clinical would probably be near impossible to do in Nashville while living somewhere else. From what I hear it is a crazy workload those semester and clinicals are pretty much a full time job. I don't have first hand experience but I know a few people who have gone through the program. Hope that helps!