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Vanderbilt ENP

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I'm looking at Emergency NP programs and Vanderbilt's seems to be great with it's FNP/ACNP dual certification. Does anyone have any insight/experience with their program?

Are you applying as a direct entry student or are you already an RN? I am trying to learn more about Vanderbilt before I apply for their direct entry FNP program.

I need some info on Vanderbilt dual ACNP/FNP = ENP program also. There must be no Vanderbilt students on the site because no one has replied to my post either, considering this topic.

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Moving thread to the post-graduate nursing forum to encourage more responses. :)


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I graduated from Tennessee State, but worked at Vandy Medical Center... Vandy School of Nursing puts out some incredible APNs! I wish I could afford to go to school there... Good luck! I am sure that when you are done, you'll be able to write your own ticket!

Vandy I am on way if that is true.

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