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I recently moved to BC from the NWT and I want to do my final nursing practicum in Vancouver in the field of Aboriginal Health. One of the question on the application form is: How do you see this experience offering something different from what can be obtained locally? I am completely stuck cause they have aboriginal communities in Victoria and since I'm new to BC i have no idea what I would gain from doing my clinical placement in Vancouver. My reason for wanting to do my placement in Vancouver is so I can be close to my boyfriend whom has been my support system since I started the BSN program. Does anyone know what services are offered in the area of Aboriginal Health than may not be offered on the island? :idea:


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would public health department know about services/programs?

I hope that you will have the practicum that you want.


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As you are doing your practicum in Aboriginal Health, as much as you would like to be closer to your boyfriend, I think you are better off on the Island. Vancouver just doesn't have the aboriginal population like Vancouver Island does. There are MANY programs offered here with regards to assistance, counselling, and representation programs. Most hospitals have Aboriginal liason nurses here, but I am unsure if Vancouver does. Vancouver has a very large asian and east indian population, so I am sure that services for them are widely available. Check out the Vancouver Island Health Authority's website for aboriginal health at:

According to the Fraser Health Authority's website, Aboriginal people only make up 14 % of the population in that region.

Do some research, but I would suggest that you go to the best place for YOU and your career, not just somewhere because you want to be near your boyfriend! The ferry ride is only an hour and half! Good luck to you with your practicum!

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