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Im new to this site and thought id post something. I just moved to Vancouver, from Kelowna BC in Canada. Im a new grad, i only graduated last year. I currently hold a job in Penticton, but like I said I live in vancouver. Im commuting over 4 hours for work, and emotionally I cant do it anymore. Ive been applying to all the health authorities in Vancouver, but because im a new grad no one wants to hire me. IM getting so stressed out and upset and depressed. I hate leaving my dog and my family every 3 days to come back to work. I wanta job in Vancouver, ANY job. Does any one have any advice to give me? Honestly im just feeling so down, I cant take it anymore :(

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Maybe you should have moved after you got a job offer. Lots of Vancouver graduates can't even find a full time job in their own area of residence.... I suggest you apply to wherever you can but the application processing in HR is horribly slow and you might have to wait 3-4 months if you aren't in a specialty field in Kelowna already, which would make you more hirable.

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Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto are saturated with new and experienced nurses with few options.

You could try applying for casual or temp positions but most recent grads in these cities are searching for months. You may need to relocate somewhere else for full time hours.


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I would definitely apply to all the medical surgical units in the lower mainland. They are always hiring new casuals for these floors. Especially in fraser health, and usually you get a lot of short calls. Also, walking into the units, speaking to an educator or manager can work well sometimes.


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From my experience the hiring process is VERY slow. It took me a couple months to get hired, then I was told my New Grad orientation would be April 1st. I did not know when or where this orientation would take place until the day before.

On the plus side, I've seen a ton of postings for ICU and Emerg in FHA & VCH, so you should be set if you have that specialty.