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Hi all! I am not certain if I am posting to the correct forum, sort of new to all this, but through out my entire VA pre employment process I have been following the threads posted. My experience has been this:

End of June-first of July: applied

August 13 or 14: met qualifications but was not going to be reffered

August 30th: got a call asking for me to interview

September 6: phone interview

September 11: tentative job offer

Between September 14-24: physical, drug screen

End of September: received equip link, submitted within 2 days

First week of October: received vetpro link everything submitted within 3 days

October 24: HR confirmed vetpro had been completed, had to do 8 KSA questions before presented to nursing board

October 26: received email to do privacy class before processing date can be given

October 31: was told board meets every Thursday

Nov. 1: sent HR email requesting status update

Nov. 4: still waiting

My question is how long does it take from the time your info gets to board and is reviewed before final offer is communicated.


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As with anything related to government employment, " Hurry up and wait. " There is no way to tell but I do know it can take a long time. How long is anyone's guess but best of luck to you. Hope you hear something real soon.

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