VALOR program interview


Hey all,

I had my interview today for the VALOR program. I'm feeling terrible about part of it.

It's a 4 part process, I did well on the initial panel interview, the communication challenge went ok and the final reflection went ok as well. However, the second part was a simulation just like school.

I wasn't prepared for this at all, actually I had no idea what to expect for the whole thing to be honest.

Anyway, as I lay awake here for hours at home I keep reflecting on what I did wrong. As I was walked towards the room I was asked to set down my stuff on a bed with a mannequin and the person walking me over said Sim man will watch it. My stethoscope was there. I wasn't told I could go back to grab it.

So... I didn't get to listen to lung sounds, or heart sounds. Which I'm assuming I was supposed to do. I also messed up big..the patient was NPO and asked for water. He had two sips, he said it helped with his pain. I've seen my nurses in clinical do this, but they shouldn't. Then I was to give SBAR at the end and I had no idea what time the SBAR was occurring, so I don't know if the patient had their surgery yet or not. Also without the time, I have no idea if they got their scheduled meds or not.

I know how to do all of this, I just didn't think to do it right while in the moment.

What can I do? I really want to email them and ask to repeat the simulation. I doubt that will happen, and I don't want to appear desperate. This will probably hold me back from acceptance to the program. :(

Do you all think this alone is enough to disqualify me? Obviously, I'm a student and need a lot more practice. That's what the program provides.

Basic things I should know by now though.

Should I hold onto hope? I find out Tuesday, whether or not I made it to the next step.

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Oh my! Please tell us how it went. Do you mind sharing how were you able to get an interview?

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On 5/30/2020 at 11:31 PM, ADNLaura said:

Oh my! Please tell us how it went. Do you mind sharing how were you able to get an interview?

Terrible. I never heard anything.

A classmate of mine was there with me interviewing, and she got a call back for the second set of interviews. Apparently the second interview reviews the first with everyone's comments. She also had to come up with a discharge plan for a different patient.

She told me she was offered the position, but they told her the paperwork time with the federal government would take too long. Meaning she would not be able to finish the program before we all graduate. So basically we interviewed for no reason.

In the latest case of a small world, the nursing director who read our applications after they were screened is our Nursing Leadership instructor at our school. Crazy how that all went down! Although she seems like a very chill instructor so who knows.

Good luck to everyone interviewing, sounds like a great program.